Zeny MIG 130 Wire Welder MIG 130 60 AMP Review

Introduction about This Zeny MIG 130:

If you know how to weld and you are looking for something small enough to carry anywhere duty calls, then this Zeny mig 130 welder will be a great buy for you. It has a voltage rating of 110V and a welding current is from 50-120A. It is very great for use if you are a good welder. I will recommend you get the product if you want something of good quality and yet affordable. This budget friendly machine has high and low temperature control and you can also adjust the speed feeds.

mig 130 welder


1. Budget friendly and adjustability:

This welding machine is a very good home unit that can also be taken anywhere. It comes with a range of wire feed speed and temperature controls that allows you weld on steels with different thicknesses. On other words, all I’m saying is that you can use it to weld steels ranging from mild steel to stainless steel without difficulty.

2. Metal tip:

One notable feature of this Mig welding device is the metal tip at the end of the gun. Other than a tip of copper tip found on other units, this adjustable welder comes with the metal tip. I know you might be wondering why this tip is more useful and why it makes this welding machine better for use. The copper tip does not allow slags to build up while you are welding. On the other hand, this welder metal chip gets a bit of build up after you might have used it for some time.

However this build will require you to knock it off at intervals but this is not an issue when you consider how affordable this welder is. You should also know that welders that come with the copper tip are much more expensive than this MIG-300. If you insist on a copper tip, simply replace the metal tip that this gun carries. Replacement is very easy as you can switch them yourself. Isn’t it worth it in saving some bucks?

3. Wire brush and welding helmet:

This device includes a wire brush and a welding face shield helmet know as basic helmet which is handy as you can immediately get started with your project as quickly as possible. It is designed to be held with one hand as it protects your face during use and then use the other to weld. You can as well get a full face helmet that you can wear and still have both hands for use.

4. Other features:

For safety during welding, this machine includes a torch with the full on and off safety control and also a thermal safety protection that is automatic. Let me also let you know that this is a gas-less welder which is why it can be used outdoors. It also comes with a MIG 130 main unit, a welding spool wire and a chipping hammer.


  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Can be used for welding mild steel and stainless steel.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • It portable enough to carry about.


  • Comes with a handheld helmet but you can purchase a full face helmet so you both can be available.
  • With the metal tip, you have to bring it to a knock-off after a bit of use. This is not much of a problem when you consider the price. Besides, the metal tip can be replaced with the copper tip and the welder will still work fine.


  • 1. Question: Does it come with a power cord?
  • Answer: Yes it does. All you need do is plug and then start welding.
  • 2. Question: Will this work on 220V?
  • Answer: This particular unit only runs on 110 volts but this orange one (ASIN: B014VV43D8 ) is works on 220 volts.
  • 3. Question: Can I plug it into the wall socket in my home?
  • Answer: yes but it needs 30A circuit breaker.
mig 130

Final Verdict 130 MIG Welder:

This best Mig welder is perfect for home use when you consider the size. This mig 130 gas-less flux core wire welder is more portable than some other units and even works better for certain jobs. Don’t forget the low and high temperature control depending on the material you are welding, and also the variable wire speed setting. Its ability to adjust these settings allows you to weld anything ranging from light metals to thick metals at low and high temperatures respectively.

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