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Introduction of Mig Welding Accessories:<\/h1>\n

MIG is one of the easiest welding processes and can also be learned by anyone in just a few hours. To develop smooth and accurate welds, having a good MIG welder is essential.<\/p>\n

Using the top MIG welders<\/a> on the market will save time and energy because they will allow even thicker metals to be welded uniformly in one pass, and of course, with great weld speed. A defective welding machine, on the other hand, can completely ruin all your efforts. On this note, it is crucial that you get the best machine for your needs.<\/p>\n

Buying Guide:<\/h3>\n

Type of welding:<\/span><\/span><\/p>\n

There are different types of welding and this should be carefully considered when purchasing a welding machine. Different machines serve different purposes and some machines can be used for more than one type of welding. On this note, it is essential that you purchase an ideal MIG welding machine.<\/p>\n

Mig welding uses a gas to shield the weld metal. The gas is meant to protect the welded metal from natural elements such as oxygen. The MIG welder operation is fairly quick and does not require extreme skill. However, an MIG welder can only be used indoors because of the gas involved in the welding process. Other common types of welding include arc welding and TIG welding.<\/p>\n


The next thing you may want to consider is the size of the machine. Most MIG welders are portable but their size varies. You should ensure that you get the right size of welding machine for your needs and accessories too.<\/p>\n


Before you set out to pay for a welding machine, you should ensure that the device is durable. This means that it should be able to withstand years if constant usage. Depending on your needs, you should find a device that best suits you. A professional welder, for instance, should go for a top-end device because it will be subjected to constant use.<\/p>\n

There are also excellent home use MIG welders that are not so expensive and work well for use periodically. One good way to ascertain the durability of a product brand is to go through verified purchase reviews, this way you will know whether or not the welder works as advertised. Also, durable products usually have lengthy warranty periods as opposed to defective ones. Ensure that you purchase a welding machine that comes with a warranty.<\/p>\n


Having determined the welding machine you want to buy, the next thing you should consider is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? The prices of MIG welder vary and so do the efficiency and features. Depending on what you want, ensure that you get the best value for your money.<\/p>\n

Even though you are on a budget, you can still get a decent machine and functional accessories for your welding process. If you are a professional, you should ensure that you plan and purchase an efficient tool and the necessary accessories that will serve you for a long time. We will be looking at some key accessories in the later section of this article.<\/p>\n

Accessories Types:<\/h3>\n

Finally, the type of accessories you use will determine your welding outcome. When you purchase your welding machine, ensure that you buy the right accessories too. It is very important that you purchase protective tools for your welding processes. As a safety rule, welding should not be carried out without protective clothing. On this note, a protective helmet, gloves, and clothing are highly recommended. Also, other essential accessories needed for the weld should be purchased separately if it does not come with the machine. Pliers, for instance, are very essential.<\/p>\n

Also, welding workshops should have carts for storing all supplies. Such carts should be able to accommodate the MIG shielding gas and other important equipment. Essentially, it should be a perfect fit for standard size welding machine and as such should fit yours. Other accessories include curtains, protective cover and MIG wires. We will discuss them in details in the next section, while we recommend the best products on the market. Keep in mind, that the type of accessories you use can greatly influence your welding outcome.<\/p>\n

1. Eye protection (Best Welding Helmet<\/a>):<\/h3>\n

Jackson Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Safety SmarTIGer (ADF) with Balder Technology:<\/p>\n

The Jackson Safety SmarTIGer Variable Auto Darkening (ADF)Welding Helmet is one of the best product brands available today. It has a variable shade range from 9 to 13-inches that can shield and protect your eyes from radiant energy during MIG welding. This Jackson welding helmet is lightweight and durable, made from high-density plastic shell and protects the face, neck, ears and forehead from weld spatters and sparks. The design also offers reduced heat build-up, fogging and reflections.<\/p>\n


This welding helmet, although a bit pricey, is very efficient for eye protection throughout your welding process. It is also very durable, well-built and worth every penny it costs. It is designed with three head gear adjustments to suit a variety of tasks. It is also compatible with hard hats and magnification filters, which are, however, sold separately. With this protective helmet, you can enjoy enhanced color recognition and visibility. This helmet also meets the standard for high mass impact protection and welding use. It is therefore highly recommended.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

USA seller DMN New Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Powered With Grinding Function:<\/h4>\n

The USA seller DMN New Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask with Grinding Function is another great option for a protective helmet. For starters, it is very affordable, so will make a great choice if you want to get an efficient helmet when on a budget. This helmet offers full range ultraviolet and IR protection at all times. It also features darkness shade control from 9 to 13 and a clear shade of 4. The design is in accordance with all ANSI Z87 and CE standard and regulations.<\/p>\n


This protective helmet is very lightweight, (about 1 pound) and is also durable. It has a built-in solar powered battery that charges while you weld. You can also purchase an extra protector lens for this helmet when you need it. It is ideal for heavy welding and is also compatible with hard hat adapters. If you are looking for a great hood that is also affordable, then this will make a great option.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

E Support Pro Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Mask Grinding Welder Mask:<\/h4>\n

The E-Support Pro Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Mask Grinding Welder Mask is yet another protective helmet worth considering for all your MIG welding. This is sturdy, well built and lightweight. It is an auto darkening helmet that is specifically designed to protect the eyes. E Support Pro Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is also suitable for high welding operation temperature. This helmet can protect the eyes, face, and neck from sparks, spatter and any form of harmful radiation during the welding process. The auto darkening lens darkens automatically to its shade number when it detects welder light.<\/p>\n


This helmet is powered by a lithium battery with a solar backup. It is a very efficient face mask and features a very safe structure. It also features a large view window dimension for easy observations. Just like other top-rated helmets, the E support pro-solar helmet has a lens rating range of 9 to 13. It is also very affordable and functions perfectly. This helmet is one of the best available today, so if you are searching for an affordable eye protection helmet for your MIG welding, then you should carefully consider this option.<\/p>\n

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2. Welding gloves:<\/h3>\n

Welding gloves help keep your hands dry, cool and protected during the welding process. They are essential because they protect your hands from any form or welding hazard such as heat, rusty materials, etc. The following gloves are recommended for MIG welding.<\/p>\n

Heavy Duty Thick Welding Gloves – Small Size Hands with Long Sleeves – Great for Stick TIG and MIG welding:<\/p>\n

The Heavy Duty Thick Welding Gloves is our top-rated protective gloves because of its amazing features and protective properties. It is a premium quality welding glove made from high-quality leather. The thickness and long sleeve support of these gloves offer the best heat protection for welding. This way, you can stay protected while your welding is taking place. These gloves are uniquely designed for small size hands and as a result are very popular among women who love to weld.<\/p>\n


These heavy duty gloves are durable and because it is long sleeved, can even be used for animal scratch protection. It is very affordable and comes with a ninety days money back guarantee, which means that your investment is secure. It is ideal for stick TIG and MIG welding, made from premium leather with Kevlar lining. The leather is soft, this way you can weld with precision and the long sleeves is ideal for increased arm protection. These small welding gloves are comfortable, durable, efficient and a good fit for a good price.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

Welding Gloves by QeeLink – Reinforced Palm – Softer and Stronger – Cotton Lined And Kevlar Stitching:<\/h4>\n

The Welding gloves by qeeLink is another great glove set for MIG welding. It is made from high-quality premium materials. Unlike some welding gloves that are stiff, this one is soft and pliable. It also features reinforced palm for extra protection. These gloves are heat and flame resistant and as such ideal for all types of welding. The design also includes a reinforced wing thumb design that allows for maximum flexibility. This means that you can hold items and operate easily. These welding gloves also feature cotton liner and canvas cuff that allows for heat insulation and also absorb sweat while enhancing comfort.<\/p>\n


If you are searching for durable gloves, then you must know that these gloves are locked stitched for added strength and durability. It is also sewn with strong, heat resistant Kevlar thread. Now, these gloves are not only great for welding but are also very useful for several other tasks such as camping, gardening, fireplace, etc. All QeeLink safety gloves are designed to heat insulation, cut resistant and also fireproof. They are also comfortable and can absorb sweat. They are also very affordable and have a good return policy.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather, Blue – 14″:<\/h4>\n

The US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather is yet another very efficient MIG welding gloves worth considering. For starters, it is quite cheap and yet comfortable too. It is made from premium leather and is also cotton lined for additional comfort. These gloves are designed to provide complete protection from molten metal and ultraviolet rays. This way, your hands stay protected during the welding process and you can avoid hazards such as skin burns. Unlike other gloves that are strong, the US forge 400 welding gloves are soft and pliable which will allow for effective welding.<\/p>\n


These gloves are also very durable and feature locked stitch for added strength. It is not just efficient for welding but can be used for several tasks including fireplace, cooking or camping. They can protect your skin from accidental contact with hot metal or sparks when welding. They are also strong enough to protect your skin from sharp edges. These fantastic gloves protect your hands by blocking heat penetration, and the cotton lining can absorb sweat to keep you comfortable. However, they are only available in one size (large).<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

3. Welding outfit:<\/h3>\n

Capri Tools 10110 Premium Welding Pliers, 7.5 inches, black, blue:<\/p>\n

The Capri Tools 10110 Premium Welding Pliers is a 7.5-inches tool that is suitable for all welding needs. It is ideal for all mechanical, electrical, automotive or construction MIG welding. With this convenient, compact set of welding pliers, you can easily remove welding spatter. You can also tighten or loosen MIG welder components. This means that this tool is useful for both the welding process and the machine itself. It is capable of gripping and drawing out wires during the welding process.<\/p>\n


These set of pliers is designed with a soft grip which makes the handle very comfortable and durable at the same time. This plier is spring loaded and is great for any welder. It is a very convenient and compact set to have in your toolbox. It is also very lightweight. These pliers are very durable and will last years while remaining strong and efficient for cutting. They are also very affordable, and unlike most brands, they are worth more than they cost. If you are looking for a compact set of pliers, then this will make a great option. Pilers are also useful for fixing Oscillating Tool<\/a><\/span>.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

ATD Tools 3198 2-Gauge Welding Regulator:<\/h3>\n

The ATD Tools 3198 2-Gauge Welding Regulator is yet another very essential MIG welding tool. It is a quick release gas line adapter with a 5\/16\u201d hose barb. This means that you will not have to cut the hose end fitting off to attach to this gauge set. All you need to do is push on the tab and pull the line out. It also features a 2-inches diameter gauge for easy viewing. It can also accept 4mm OD tubing.<\/p>\n


This gauge works perfectly and it is reasonably priced.However, there are a few flaws in the design. The hose barb is a little too wide for the most quality airline. Also, it doesn\u2019t work with propane. Besides these, it is a quality regulator that is also very durable. It is affordable and provides great value for your money.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

INEFIL ER70S-6 .030-Inch on 10-Pound Spool Carbon Steel Mig Solid Welding Wire:<\/h4>\n

The Inefiler7os-6 .030-inch on 10-pound spool carbon steel MIG solid welding wire is an essential welding tool and a must-have for all welders. Now, if you want smooth and quality weld, you must ensure that you use an appropriate MIG welding wire. This MIG welding wire is ideal for carbon and carbon-manganese steels and provides great results. It is made from high-quality materials, approved by ABS, GL, TUV, RINA and DB. This solid welding wire provides low spatter, porous free, high feedability and great bead appearance. It is also very easy to weld with this wire.<\/p>\n


This wire is suitable for single-pass or multi-pass welding and is perfect for applications such as steel structural works, tanks, automobile repairs, construction works, etc. This wire is of great quality, priced reasonably and worth even more than it costs. As a matter of fact, it is the best MIG wire for its price.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

4. Welding cart:<\/h3>\n

Hot Max WC100 Welding\/Plasma Cutter Cart:<\/p>\n

The Hot Max WC100 Welding cutter cart is a very vital welding essential. With this cart, you can keep all your welding supplies together and have access to them when necessary. This cart features an all-steel construction with a very durable finish. It can also comfortably fit most MIG and plasma machines and the handle does not get in the way of the leads. This cart also features extra storage trays for all your welding accessories and equipment and comes with a safety chain for your shielding gas.<\/p>\n


This welding cart features transport wheels for convenient transportation and storage. It has 6-inches back wheels and 2-inch front castors for stability. This cart is not only durable but also very efficient, it features an easy pull handle and an additional storage tray. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

ARKSEN Universal Welding Cart MIG MAG ARC TIG Machine Welders w\/ Safely Chains:<\/h4>\n

The Arksen universal welding cart is another ideal cart for your welding accessories. ARKSEN universal welding cart can fit most standard size MIG, plasma cutter or arc welding machine. This is a universal welding cart with multiple trays for storing welding accessories. It is strong, durable and versatile. It also features two side hook cables for efficient storage of supplies. This cart features a heavy duty construction with a front mounted handle for efficiency and easy maneuverability. It features three shelves for storing supplies and is ideal for both home and business use.<\/p>\n


It can also be moved and stored easily with its durable wheels. This cart also comes with a safety chain for storing shielding gas. Assembly is required and the welder accessories are sold separately. This cart is very durable and as such a wise investment for any welder.<\/p>\n

<\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

5. Welder cover:<\/h3>\n

Canvas Cover By Lincoln:<\/p>\n

The canvas cover is a protective welder cover with interesting features. It is made from water repellent red canvas that is flame resistant and also mildew resistant. Canvas Cover By Lincoln can be used with Lincoln electric compact wire, TIG welders and also MIG. This Canvas Cover is efficient, affordable and very lightweight. There are not many welder covers on the market, but this canvas cover is ideal for all most welders because it fits most welding packs.<\/p>\n

\"Lincoln-Canvas-Cover\"<\/span><\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

Protective Cover, Millermatic 140,180:<\/p>\n

The Millermatic protective cover is yet another perfect welder cover. It is lightweight and an ideal protective cover for most welding machines including MIG. This heavy duty canvas protective cover is water and mildew resistant. On this note, it protects and maintains the finish of the welding machine. The cutout on this cover allows for direct access to the handle, which ensures added portability. It is a perfect fit for most welding packs and is also reasonably priced. It also looks great and professional too.<\/p>\n

\"Miller-Protective-Cover\"<\/span><\/span><\/span>Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

Reviewer’s Thoughts: <\/h3>\n

The best MIG welder and accessories will yield great results for welding. Therefore, it is essential that you purchase the right product for your welding type. However, irrespective of what you are welding, whether you are a professional or not, it is crucial that you wear protective clothing during the welding process. Ensure that your helmet, gloves, and outfit are ideal for maximum protection in order to avoid welding hazards. Our recommended products are some of the best on the market today and are also ideal for all welding needs.<\/p>\n