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Introduction for choosing a Best Tig Welder:<\/h2>\n

Discovering the best TIG welder is not easy. This is because there are various kinds of such welding machines on the market. Tungsten Inert Gas<\/a> has become very popular, and that is because of the different kinds of welding jobs you can do with that type of product. Moreover, it can always make a difference. It delivers structural and neat welds. Because of the neat welding, there is no need for further cleaning. Most importantly, the technical output of such machines is powerful. This type of machine can be used for heavy-duty jobs, as well as minor jobs. Because of different purposes, which TIG welders can be used for, they are in high demand. New buyers are not finding it easy to make a choice.<\/p>\n

Because of the difficulties, this write up is provided to help novice buyers make an informed buying decision. We have gone further to review the best TIG welder machines on the product. This is to ensure that you do not find it difficult to procure your multipurpose machine when you need it.<\/p>\n

Many people do not know what to expect from this kind of product. Information provided here would assist you in making the right choice. Though there is information about TIG machines, this write up will add to the already existing knowledge, and it can guide even experienced users to make the correct choice.<\/p>\n


How to do TIG welding:<\/h3>\n

TIG welding is an innovative welding technique. It involves using a non-consumable tungsten electrode to send power or current to the welding arc. This type of welding is almost the same thing with oxy-acetylene welding<\/a>. They are similar, because they both use filler materials either for reinforcement or for building up purpose.<\/p>\n

TIG is one of the best choices available for professional and hobby welders. Others include stick, MIG, as well as oxyacetylene and so on. Normally welders use it on titanium, copper and other kinds of metal. It can weld any type of material to any shape of your choice.<\/p>\n

TIG works by generating heat through an arc and current passes through the electrode to metal surfaces you are working on. It welds other metals and steel including aluminum.<\/p>\n

Using the TIG for welding construction is not difficult. Even a novice can do that once instructions on how to that are provided for them.<\/p>\n

Electrode selection:<\/h4>\n

The first step to take is to select the type of electrode to use for the welding work. The electrode to choose depends on the type of metal you want to work on. If you want to use aluminum, the best electrode to use includes pure tungsten rod. You can select from a number of aluminum, but that depends on what you want to weld.<\/p>\n

Grind electrode:<\/strong><\/p>\n

When you have selected the right type of electrode to use for the welding work, the next stage will be to grind the electrode. It is necessary that you grind this very well, especially when you are dealing with a new cylinder. Ensure that there is a pointed tip and the tip should be according to the welding job you want to do.<\/p>\n

Put the electrodes together:<\/strong><\/p>\n

When you grind the electrode or put them to the required shape, you have to put them together. Put it to the electrode holder and replace the back after that. The electrode tip should be around \u00bc\u2019\u2019 far from its protective sheath. Nothing more than that is desirable. This step is only necessary where you do not have electrodes, but where you have it, you can skip the process. You should know that electrode is a vital raw material in this type of project.<\/p>\n


Before you use the welder, you have to select the best setting. Usually there are three different electricity options, which you can select from, and they include DCEN, DCEP as well AC<\/a>. The type of setting to choose will depend on the type of welding work that you want to do.<\/p>\n

The setting scale ranges from 1 to 10, 7 is always the ideal setting range to select. Before you begin to use it, you must set the air. This is important because it determines the range your welding machine is going to work. Gas is supposed to stay on the arc for time setting, and you have to set this before you begin to use it. In the same way, you have to carry out other settings such as maximum and minimum and so on. The setting you do depends on the type of machine you are using, as each model has its unique features including setting features.<\/p>\n

Switch the gas on:<\/strong><\/p>\n

You have to use gas for the arc welding, and you have to put on the gas when you want to weld. The type of gas, or gas setting is determined by the type of metal materials that you want to weld. If you want to weld aluminum, you can activate pure argon.<\/p>\n

If on the other hands you want to use steel, turn on carbon dioxide, or argon or even a combination of them.<\/p>\n

Gas is vital for this kind of welding, because it can prevent the material you want to weld from becoming corroded. Metal will always rust.<\/p>\n

Prepare the welding table and metal:<\/h4>\n

Before Bosch electric<\/a><\/span> can pass through the system, it requires a large metallic area. Because of that purpose, you require a welding table. If this is not available, you can look for a large sheet of metal, it can serve the same purpose.<\/p>\n

Before you start the welding, you have to wear the correct outfit. If you do not put on the correct gear, it is possible that TIG could harm you. Some of welding gear you require include shoes, helmet, gloves, as well as welding coat, jacket and pair of welding glasses to protect your eyes. If you put on the correct attire, you can start the welding process. Ensure that everything is in place.<\/p>\n

Best Tig Welder for the Money – Top Five TIG welders Comparison Table 2018<\/h1>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
Tig Welders<\/th>\nEditor’s Rating<\/th>\nCheck Price<\/th>\nRead Review<\/th>\n<\/tr>\n<\/thead>\n
\u200bAmico Power DC 160 Amp IGBT Tig Welder<\/a><\/strong><\/p>\n


2017 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT Tig Welder<\/strong><\/a><\/p>\n


Everlast Powerarc 140st 140A Lift Start TIG Stick IGBT Welder<\/strong><\/a><\/p>\n


Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter Tig Stick 3 in 1 Combo Welder<\/strong><\/a><\/p>\n


Forney 324 190 Amp MIG Stick TIG Multi Process Welder<\/strong><\/a><\/p>\n



Consider the following matters to buy best Tig welder for the Money:<\/h3>\n

Here are some important considerations that can guide you in making your choice and they are discussed as follows:<\/p>\n

DC\/AC Support:<\/strong><\/p>\n

The most important factor to consider when you are making your choice is to ensure that the machine is compatible with both direct and alternating current. This is because you can get a job that requires any of the current type. Direct current is always the best choice when you are working on steel sheets, while alternating current is considered the best choice when you are working on aluminum metal and so on. Apart from that, there are other important functions, which AC feature can serve. The most important thing is to look for a product that can support the two.<\/p>\n

Heat control:<\/strong><\/p>\n

The other important feature to consider when you are making your choice includes heat control. Irrespective of the type of materials you are working on, heat control is very important. If there is no heat control, there could be some consequences like damage of metal like magnesium, aluminum and so on. Because of that, the best TIG welders on the market today have heat control mechanism in place. Consider this feature while making your choice.<\/p>\n

Low arc stability:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Low arc stability is equally important when you are making your choice. The normal arc stability is not up to ten amps, especially when you are working on a thin metal. If there is low arc stability, it is good because it ensures greater arc control, as well as crater filling capacity. Most importantly, it facilitates the startup process. It is important that materials are not destroyed during the welding processes, and the best way to ensure this is to look for low arc stability. Consider various products for this feature before you make your final choice.<\/p>\n

AC balance control:<\/h3>\n

AC balance control is equally important when you are making your choice. This is an important feature because it can facilitate the welding process. The user now has greater control over the negative and positive current length and so on. When this feature is there, it will enhance the cleaning process and protects against penetration.<\/p>\n


Another important feature that can help you when you are making your choice is the hardness of the TIG welder. When it is sturdily constructed, it is going to withstand any kind of abuse it could be subjected to. Moreover, ensure that there is cooling feature put in place, and this can prevent heat from damaging the system.<\/p>\n


Another important factor is the issue of adaptability. This is perfect because it makes it possible for you to perform different tasks. Because it can perform different tasks at a time, it will save you money you would have spent in purchasing more equipment for your welding purpose.<\/p>\n

Common Mistakes of choosing a Good Tig welder:<\/h3>\n

People make some avoidable mistakes when they choose this type of product and some of them are reviewed here.<\/p>\n

Choosing a TIG welder filled with over freight features:<\/strong>\u200b<\/strong><\/p>\n

One of the mistakes buyers make when they are looking for this kind of product is to look for those TIG welders with quality appearance and grandeur features. Though these are important when it comes to performance and quality, but in reality, it costs you unnecessary money, which you can avoid.<\/p>\n

Another common mistake to avoid is cooling equipment. This is not necessary because it leads to extra cost. Instead, look for those designs with the cooling system in place.<\/p>\n

Suitable design and Easy operation:<\/strong><\/p>\n

When you are making your choice, look for those with most suitable designs. Moreover, study the manual to ensure that it will be easy and simple to operate. Some of them are designed such that novices can use it without difficulties.<\/p>\n

Perfect TIG welder for the beginners:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Furthermore, look for those TIG welders that are good for beginners. What you need to do is to consider the available features and ensure that such features are user friendly. Beginner welders should use the machine without difficulties.<\/p>\n

Capabilities and limitation compare:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Most importantly, before you make your choice, compare the capabilities of the welder and equate it with the limitations to ensure that you make the best choice. Capabilities refer to those things you can do with the machine, while limitations refer to those things you cannot do with it. Make your choice after comparing them.<\/p>\n

Final Verdict to Buy the Best Tig Welder:<\/h3>\n

There is no doubt that information provided above would assist you in choosing the best TIG welder. Even if you are a beginner, the information provided is going to be helpful in making a perfect choice. So go in detail study, collect the best affordable Tig welder and enjoy welding job.<\/p>\n