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Amico Welder Review (Amico Power DC 160 Amp ) Intro:<\/h2>\n

Amico Power DC 160 Amp IGBT Tig Welder is relatively new as it entered the market in 2016. As expected, it is a great product with great values. So lets learn from Amico welder review of Amico Power DC 160 Amp TIG welder. If you are looking for a professional welder, you can use it. The machine can be used for both hobby and commercial services. This TIG welder can be used in AC 115 and 230 volts. It can be used without additional tools. The machine works at 160 amps, and it can be used on steel and can work on different surfaces.<\/p>\n

The product actually comes standard with work clamp, electrode holder, DC welder, ten feet cable, as well as a plug, and input power adapter and so on. The weight of the product is 16lbs. It is lightweight. This makes the case for portability. It is lightweight and this means that it can be easily taken to where it can be used.<\/p>\n

Check Price on Amazon<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/a><\/p>\n

Apart from these, it has other fantastic features such as:<\/h3>\n


LED<\/strong><\/a> display:<\/strong><\/p>\n

The product is an inverter welder. It displays its information in a digital format so that it can be seen. It displays in such a way that you can easily understand them. You can see displayed the power in use and with that information you can decide to adjust the power.<\/p>\n

Better control:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Another important feature is that the product makes for better control. It works like other inverter welders and because of that, it can easily turn utility power to high voltage. The voltage is then stored where it is reserved for further use. The product has a capacitor bank where the energy is stored. The stored energy is then stored in another transformer through microprocessor<\/a> control. When more current is needed it can supply it.<\/p>\n

Various applications:<\/strong><\/p>\n

The machine is designed to be used for different range of applications. Because of that, you can easily use it for thick and thin surfaces. The applications it can be used for include car repairs, home projects, as well as metal fabrication<\/a> jobs and so on.<\/p>\n

IGBT technology:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Another great feature includes the IGBT technology. Because of that, it makes the product energy efficiency. It conserves energy and reduces the amount you would have paid for electricity.<\/p>\n

It has an inverter system and this goes hand in hand with the IGBT technology. Because of the efficiency of this technology, it reduces the cost of replacing the transformer.<\/p>\n

Heat adjustability:<\/h4>\n

The product makes for heat adjustability. You can have control over the heat coming to the arc current. Most importantly, it enhances starting function feature largely. This is a very useful function, and it enhances the performance of this great product.<\/p>\n

More electrode option:<\/strong><\/p>\n

The other important feature is that the product works on different electrode options starting from the basic electrode function to the acid function.<\/p>\n

Voltage protection:<\/strong><\/p>\n

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this product is the voltage protection. It protects the system from under voltage and over voltage. This is an important attribute because it can preserve the lifespan of the great product. If you want welder product that guarantees full protection against overloads and undercurrent, you can always rely on this great product. Its superior services will satisfied you and you will find all the things those you want from it.<\/p>\n


The product comes with all the important accessories you required for its operations. This means that you can begin to use it after setting it up. Even to set it up is not that difficult, because you have instructional materials that can assist you in making your choice.<\/p>\n

Most importantly, with the product having ETF listing, it is highly acceptable in different parts of the world including North America. It is EFT accepted because it satisfies all the safety requirements for this kind of product. When you order the product you are going to enjoy it, and it cannot disappoint you.<\/p>\n