Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder Reviews

Intruction of Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder

A great light duty starter Welder Kit Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder, mainly useful for small to medium jobs. The size of the unit makes it easier to use than most MIG Welders, being able to enter small spaces and safely perform is priceless. It made it on my Best MIG Welders list simply because of its convenience of use!It can be useful Welding Carbon Steel, and a large variety of other steel and aluminum materials that this unit is capable of working with is unmatched. Making it far more valuable and far easier to use for any job you find around the house, garage or farm.

Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder

Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder

Special Features 

Power Requirements:

The input power of 120V/80A is quite impressive for a unit this size. This little unit outperforms all of the other units that I've reviewed so far, and it would make a great secondary welder for small to medium jobs.

Price & Warranty:

A fantastic price with FREE 2-Day shipping for Amazon Prime Members. Keep in mind that with this Welding Unit, you're getting extremely high-quality merchandise. Along with a 10-year limited warranty to protect you from material defects that may arise in the product over time. It may cost twice as much as some of these other MIG Welding Units, but you also get a lot more quality and stability from this unit.


At only 9.9lbs with size dimensions of 20" x 11.2 " x 16.8 " this little MIG Welder packs quite a punch and is so light and portable that you could take it with you into small, tight spaces and still use it with ease. The most portable unit on my list by far.


This unit has a 2-Stage Voltage Setting that enables it to power through some pretty thick materials. It can handle materials up to 3/16" (18-Gauge) while operating from a standard socket in your home, garage, or farm. Having such a huge kick behind such a small unit is precious to have around.

Duty Cycle:

With a Duty Cycle on this particular unit of 20% at 80 A, this Flux-Core Welder will continue to put out the same welding current for 2 minutes, even when set to maximum, before cooling down.

Feed Wire Sizes:

The convenience and versatility continue with the unit accommodating an excellent range of wire size options. Feed Wire sizes between .030 to .035; this model is prepared to tackle a wide variety of welding jobs including all of the different materials listed previously in this post. Perform any small to medium jobs that you can think of and finally get around to those tasks that you've been putting off because the MIG Welder you have or borrowed is too large to lug around.

Package Items:

A small unit with a large package gives you everything you could ever need to tackle small to medium jobs. Inside of this package, you will receive, a Welding Unit, Ground Cable and a clamp for secure attachment, a Welding Gun, a roll of Flux-Core Wire, a Face Shield to keep yourself safe and a Brush Hammer.


Works with a high amount of materials.- Perfect for a beginner or experienced welder.- Fantastic Portability, lite and made to work in tight places.- Ground Cable w/ clamp, convenience.- Protection Features.- 10-Year Limited Warranty, covering material defects.


Limited to small or medium jobs. - Solution: Even though this unit is extremely useful, you may want to own a bigger unit for heavier jobs.- 10-Year Limited Warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear. - Solution: Purchase an additional warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Question: 1) Can a gas application be added to this unit?
  • Answer: ) Yes, but you may find the attachment more expensive than this Welder.
  • Question: 2) Does this work with 220V?
  • Answer: ) No, It only works with a standard 120V socket.
  • Question: 3) Does it have DC output?
  • Answer: ) No, this is an AC unit.
  • Question: 4) Can this machine work with gas? (Argon/CO2 or CO2?)
  • Answer: ) Out of the box, No. But you can purchase an attachment to convert it.
  • Question: 5) Any warranty with the Welder?
  • Answer: ) Yes, there is a 10-Year Limited Warranty, covering material defects.

Final Thought:

The size, portability, convenience and price of this MIG Welder makes it impossible to pass up. Getting so much out of a unit this size is incredible, I could see this being my go-to device for tackling my small to medium everyday welding jobs. I can't say enough about it; I highly recommend that you consider purchasing this unit. It will surprise you and perform very well.

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