Multi Process Welder Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse Review

Introduction about Everlast Multi Process Welder:

With the Everlast PowerMTS 251Si Multi Process Welder, you are moving more into serious welding territory. This is a digitally controlled machine that can be converted for many different welding processes. This welder can be converted to a stick welder, a spool welder, a MIG and a DC TIG, among others. Power: 110v or 220v. Weight: 80lb.

Multi Process Mig Welder
Features and Benefits:
  • 1. Processes of full range: The PowerMTS 251Si can be converted to a stick welder, a spool welder, a MIG, a TIG, along with Synergic MIG, Pulse MIG, and Pulse TIG modes. This one unit can do the work of any welder. There is no need to take multiple units to the work site.
  • 2. Digitally controlled operation: This welder has extreme control and dependability. It is digitally controlled to ensure that all processes are monitored and adjustments are made when needed.
  • 3. Multiple metal welding: The synergic MIG function allows for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding. Synergic spool gun operation is also an ideal method for welding aluminum.
  • 4. Dual power input: The Power MTS 251Si can be run on either standard 110v or 220v power for different welding tasks.

Advantages of the Power MTS251Si Everlast Mig Welder:

  • The synergic function increases and decreases wire feed speed depending on amperage. This makes welding easy and produces smooth, strong weld beads.
  • The digital controls appear complicated, but they are actually user friendly. They are designed to be used with ease and are fairly simple.
  • The dual power inputs make the Power MTS251Si at home in the shop or at the work site.
  • With purchased accessories, this welder can be configured to weld aluminum. This is one of the few portable models that can weld aluminum.
Disadvantages of the Power MTS251Si:
  • At 80 pounds, this is not the most portable welder on the market.
  • Although this is a dual-powered welder, it is limited with lower power. It has a maximum of 125 amps output when connected to 110v power.
  • It is not ready to weld aluminum out of the box. For aluminum welding Other accessories must be purchased separately.
  • The power switch is located on the rear of the unit. This may make turning the unit on difficult in some instances. I do not consider it an important disadvantage. It is however still worth noting.
  • 1. Question: Can this welder TIG weld aluminum?
  • Answer: TIG welding requires AC welding, but this is a DC welder. It cannot TIG weld aluminum. It can MIG weld aluminum with the addition of a spool gun. With skill these welds can be as good as TIG welding.
  • 2. Question: Can I TIG weld with this machine?
  • Answer: The PowerMTS251Si Multi Process Welder is ready to go for spool and stick welding. Gas MIG and TIG will need additional accessories. For these processes additionally a bottle of argon gas also be needed.
  • 3. Question: What spool gun works with this welder?
  • Answer: The Everlast SM3035-SMT is the spool gun that is most compatible with the PowerMTS251Si.
  • 4. Question: Can I use this welder in manual mode, or is it fully automatic?
  • Answer: Although it has the synergic function, the controls can be switched to manual. Wire feed and amperage can be fully controlled as needed in full manual mode.
  • 5. Question: What are the warranty terms for this welder?
  • Answer: The PowerMTS2510Si has a 30 day return policy for damage or failure. The customer is required to allow customer service to resolve any issues before the company will approve a refund. After the policy expires, Everlast has a 5-year limited warranty for most parts on the unit.
  • 6. Question: What kind of output can I expect from 110vand 220v input power?
  • Answer: At 110v power, this welder has a maximum output of 120 amps in MIG or TIG modes and 90 amps for stick welding. At 220v input, it has a maximum output of 220 amps in MIG and TIG modes and 200 amps for stick welding.
Multi Process Welder

Final Verdict about This Everlast Welding Machines:

Aside from its price tag, the Everlast PowerMTS251Si Multi Process Welder is the best MIG welder. Experienced welders who want to expand their possibilities, it can be a great choice for them. With its multiple process function or fully manual mode, a welder can take on more complex tasks. The Power MTS251Si can weld special metals, like stainless steel and aluminum because of its addition accessories . It would have to be in the high-end area of smaller welders.

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