MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder Reviews

Some Introductory Speech for MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder

MIG says it all. They claimed the name and they back it up in spades. This MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder would make it as one of best MIG welder for our list unless it was something special. Well, it runs off 120AC, which makes it a DIYer's dream come true.No special wall plug or fancy wiring, a contractor will love the 38 lbs weight. This lets it go from site to site. It has 90 watts of power then gets business taken care of. It comes with gun, cable and ground clamp. You have everything you need to start.

Welding with MIG at a bargain price, this makes it ideal for the auto buff, Customizes for motorcycles. If you live in the country and need help, out on the farm, as well as doing things around a home, that has a well or a windmill this is the MIG for you. This model does not use gas. Instead, it uses wire with a flux core instead.

MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder
  • Versatile and works where you want: You can come to the work. You can get the welder into position and get the welds done without doing and gyrations of gymnastic moves.You get the work done in record time with no waste of energy and motion. The welds are clean and neat.
  • The wire feed is smooth: The design lets the wire flow smoothly and wouldn't jam or tangle. This is key in getting a clean weld and a tight bond. You do not need a spool gun with this welder, as everything is light and easy to control that makes welding a breeze.
  • Simple to use and perfect for the newbie MIG welder: All the controls are straightforward. Everything attaches where it should. From there you can weld everything from steel to aluminum. The work comes out looking like a pro did the work. Everything is in large letters and the instructions are easy to understand.
  • Full featured MIG welding is now yours: You have the following; You get a lightweight MIG welder with 90 amps of current that heat the metal to the just right temperature. The automatic feeding of the wire goes through the gun. When you have adjusted it all correctly, you can take on automotive work. A homeowner can do backyard projects and repairs or build the things that make a home more attractive on the market. Sheds and toys for the kids are a cinch.
  • Low cost and yet high quality.
  • Controls that do not require a Rocket scientist to figure out.
  • Wire feeds smoothly and the tension adjusts and stays adjusted.
  • No, spatter when laying down a bead.
  • The arc is steady and no sputtering.
  • Makes MIG welding easy.
  • My first MIG unit and it does the job great when I used it in class. I now work in my own bicycle repair shop and my MIG is right there beside me.
  • Getting an MIG unit to a site used to be a drag. Now with this lightweight model, I can throw it into my SUV and head out to a work-site.
  • Perfect for customizing shotguns and handguns.
  • Not designed for large jobs.
  • The gun is always hot. Be careful laying it down.
  • It arcs when you touch the ground. Take this into account and wear a face shield.
  • Question: 1) Is this a good welder for a hobbyist?
  • Answer:) Designed for the low-end market and it fits a hobbyist needs to a "T."
  • Question: 2) What is the thickest metal to weld?
  • Answer:) Lightweight metals that are no more than a 1/8".cAny thicker and you need to get a larger welder to heat up the metal properly.
  • Question: 3) Does a face shield come with the unit?
  • Answer: ) yes, it comes with a small handheld shield. If you want full coverage then you will have to order one separately.
  • Question: 4) How well does the wire feed?
  • Answer: ) If you have adjusted the tension correctly, it will flow at an even rate and without tangling or bunching. If these occur, check your tensioning again.
  • Question: 5) Does this MIG unit use gas in any way?
  • Answer: ) No, It uses Flux core wire only.
  • Question: 6) Does it come with a spool gun?
  • Answer: ) No, the wire feed is part of the MIG unit itself.

Reviewer’s Thoughts:

For a low-end MIG welder, you get a decent welder that works on most jobs around the shop and home. It can build tables for a workroom and even weld a trailer hitch onto a camper trailer. It has a place in an automotive shop and it will follow you out to a construction site where there are a plethora of jobs it can perform. Remember it is not a production quality welder. So, take it easy it does light welding and you should not expect to build a skyscraper. However, you could manage a shed, chicken coop, and a tree house.

Final Thoughts about This Fux core Mig Welder:

Transistor inverters have gotten to the point of reducing the weight of an MIG welder down in size and weight for you. Now, you could toss into a trunk of a car was unheard until recently. However, each of our selections is all in the portable range. Each has benefits that make them attractive to the professional welder, the handyman, and the homeowner who wants to do MIG welding DIY like the best oscillating tool.

You now can choose the one that suits you best. It will arrive in a few days via Amazon. Then you too will have the best MIG welder available today. At you job site or your shop, and in your home.Technology continues to improve life. MIG welding has just gotten smaller, lighter, and more versatile for you. With the help of Amazon who brings it to you.

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