Lotos Pro MIG 140 140 Amp Mig Wire Welder Reviews

Some Beginning Speech for Lotos Pro MIG 140 140 Amp Mig Wire Welder

The Lotos Pro MIG 140 Welder is the largest suggestion that I am going to recommend to you today. It is a 140A MIG Welder with commercial quality and performance. Remember my recommending a larger, more qualified MIG Welder to accompany your beginner model?

Once you've had the chance to get a little experience under your belt, you'll want to take a look at something like this model. The Lotos MIG Welder is what I was talking about when I said; you'll need something more efficient to tackle jobs that used larger materials! It provides you with a fantastic MIG Welder, a newly designed Aluminum Wire Feeder and provides you with a quality user experience. Give the multi-use feeder options a shot by purchasing a spool gun, sold separately. Welding various types of Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum has never been easier!

power mig 140c


Power Requirements:

The 110/120V input voltage and 140A output readout you'll be able to get this unit working by plugging it into any regular household socket. You'll want to ensure you're running on at least a 30A Breaker if you're going to be coming close to maxing out amperage on this unit. But, finding a power source for the Lotos MIG Welder should be pretty easy.


A great Price with 23% discounted, this unit may sound expensive. But with the FREE 2-Day Prime shipping and the convenience that this unit offers to make it well worth the price. Consider how much easier the medium to large jobs will be with this amount of power behind you. You work hard and should have the opportunity to provide yourself with the best MIG Welder available for the price.


This monster comes with a 1 Year parts and labor warranty unless you purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer. But, it also includes a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee that you can opt to take if you aren't satisfied with its performance.


This unit weighs 54lbs, which is almost twice as much as the other MIG Welders that I've suggested so far. However, at this weight, the unit is still extremely portable and makes it easy to go from job to job. With dimensions of 9.6" x 16" x 14.5", it isn't much bigger than the others, if at all. The difference is the quality and size of the interior components.

2T/4T Switch:

This switch enables the MIG Welder to adjust the amount of feed wire and welding voltage provided at the same time. It displays the correct readout on split displays, giving you more accuracy and helping you create a cleaner bead.

Automatic Wire Feeder Sizes:

The units wire feeder covers a massive range of wire sizes for several different materials. With a range of .025" to .030" for Solid Steel, .030" to .035" for Flux-Core wire. While it also comes stocked with .023" and .035" wire sizes.

Package Items:

Along with the MIG Welding Unit, you will find a newly designed quick connect grounding cable, your MIG Torch, Gas Hose, Argon Gas Regulator, two Feed Wire Spools (.023" and .035"), Contact Tips, and a spare Welding Mask.


Great Package Deal for Advanced Welders.- Good Portability, store anywhere size.- Multiple Uses, Gas and Gas-less Operation.- Up-gradable for multiple Feed Wire Support.- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Some Wire Feeder Issues. - Solution: Make sure that you test everything when your unit arrives. You'll want to take advantage of the 30-Day Guarantee immediately if there are any issues.- While there are numerous 5-Star reviews about this product, there was one where a customer received a faulty unit. But since it worked when he initially took it out of the box, he didn't notice the problem until after the 30-Day Guarantee had expired. - Solution: Make sure that you thoroughly check the item upon arrival to ensure working order.


  • Question: 1) Will this Weld 16g Grease Duct (rolled steel)?
  • Answer: ) Yes, it will perform that job well.
  • Question: 2) Is it only for gas or can I use it without gas as well?
  • Answer: ) The MIG140 allows you to use it both with or without gas.
  • Question: 3) What is the warranty on this unit?
  • Answer: ) It comes with a decent 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty unless you purchase an additional warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Question: 4) The Lotos MIG140 Welder says it comes with a regulator, does it?
  • Answer: ) Yes, a gas regulator accompanies the other items inside the package.
  • Question: 5) Does it accept 10lb Flux-Core Wire?
  • Answer: ) Yes, fits into the Wire Feeder fine.
Pro MIG 140


I recommend you give the Lotos Pro MIG 140 unit a try when you're ready to advance from the basic beginner series that I've described before. I've had a lot of success with this unit myself and found that it performs very well regardless of the material. You just need to know what you're doing. The package contains everything you'll need, and with the free 2-Day shipping with Amazon Prime, you can't beat the value that this offers you.

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