Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder Reviews

Lets Introduce With Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder:

When the weld has to be right, you need to turn to the best and LOTOS has the Best mig welder which is Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder. It has the features you want. Argon shielding as well as a roll feed wire that couple with 175 Watts of ARC due to, It is one our candidates for Best MIG Welder. It is specifically designed to be used with flux core and comes with its own gas regulator, as a result You then can weld almost anything from steel, Aluminum, and Stainless steel. It can handle various sized wire reels and runs off 220 50 or 60 Hz.


Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder Review
  • Spool Gun included: Saves you, time, and effort as you weld, it feeds the wire evenly and the flux core and the argon gas traps impurities. The weld is seamless and will pass Max flux and x-Ray scan with flying colors. Your welds last and you will be proud of the work.
  • An arc that never fails: DC arc welding goes back almost a hundred years with the invention of the carbon arc. The welding process DC was the standard and today LOTOS keeps up the tradition giving you a steady arc that heats the metal.
  • Weighs only 85 pounds: This unit can move from booth to booth. If you need a good weld fast then this unit will do the job. Often taken into enclosed spaces it can get the job done and can be moved into and out with ease. Its weight makes it a favorite with welders everywhere.
  • Comes with everything to set up and weld in 10 minutes: It comes with the wire feed spool gun that will handle standard sized reels with ease. You get an argon regulator, face shield, and a welding torch that has over 8 feet of reach and a gas hose is included as well. Cleaning brushes for the torch and spool gun.


  • Two step trigger lets you release gas first then use the arc to get the weld down.
  • Timed for 3-second bursts and once you get the rhythm down you can weld to your heart's content.
  • For Aluminum welding it is the cat's pajamas and the wire feed is adjustable to whatever speed you need.
  • Beats the pants off more expensive MIG rigs.
  • Perfect for fabrication work though not for heavy production.
  • This is the handyman's MIG welder that gets your welding jobs done fast and neat.
  • Had mine for over a year and still using the same tip.


  • Got three in a row broke but customer support was patient and kept sending me replacements until we got a good one. Pay for the better shipping it'll save you headaches.
  • Great for the DIY guy but not for production lines.
  • Excellent  for what is made for but don't try to do girder work.


  • Question: 1) Can it be used without the gas?
  • Answer: ) Yes, using the wire with it flux core can get a good weld out of doors.
  • Question: 2) Is the unit made in the US?
  • Answer: ) No, it is an import.
  • Question: 3) Does it take 240?
  • Answer: ) The unit is made for 220 and not rated for 240.
  • Question: 4) Will it handle 440 steel?
  • Answer: ) It works best with mild steel and stainless. 440 is pushing the envelope a bit.
  • Question: 5) I want to build a bass boat. Will this unit handle the job?
  • Answer: ) Many DIYers have built boats, Go-Karts, and other recreational vehicles.
  • Question: 6) I love BBQ. Will the unit handle building 55 Gallon Drum Barbecue Grills?
  • Answer: ) If the metal is light, enough there should be no problem.
  • Question: 7) I want to build an outdoor storage shed. Will it handle the work?
  • Answer: ) The MIG welder will handle sheet aluminum or corrugated iron sheeting easily.
Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder
Reviewer’s Thoughts:

For the person who wants a good weld job and does want to finance a moon rocket. Therefor The Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder has you covered. It comes with everything you need to get up and welding except for the argon tanks. The Lotos Mig175 can be set up in 10 minutes or less. It is not for production work. Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder, however, fit the bill for building anything from a custom motorcycle to a fishing boat also Tank workers find it useful in enclosed spaces with the proper precautions. An amateur should never try this and only a pro with the proper breathing equipment and support should attempt it.

However, for the Extreme Home Builder, it is a marvelous way to get the work done. It welds fast and the welds are precise. You have neat welds and they will hold under load as well. Just do not expect to build a submarine. This reviewer gives it two thumbs up.

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