Lincoln MIG Welder Handheld 208/230VAC Reviews

Some Starting Points for Lincoln MIG Welder Handheld 208/230VAC

Lincoln makes some of the best welding gear on the market. Lincoln MIG Welder 208/230VAC Handheld is one of the best of them. This combo kit is just a further example. You get everything that you would want in a good MIG welding setup and it makes out the list of Best MIG Welder for 2016. It comes with a gun, regulator, wire spool and all the other accouterments you need to get started right away in MIG welding. 

You can replace the standard gun with a Magnum 100SG Spool gun, as the unit is ready to receive it. You can run wire smoothly with no tangling or crimping. There is enough arc to go around and you have a wide range in the sweet spot for whatever materials you are welding.When the day is over you will be amazed at the amount of work you will have gotten out of the way.


Lincoln MIG Welder

Lincoln MIG Welder

  • Cast Aluminum provides smooth flow of wire through the unit: Getting the wire to the welder has always been a problem. Drive wheels often slip and this causes drag or tangling. Not so, with this MIG welder, they are precision cast and machined to a tolerance that makes tangling almost impossible to occur. You have a smooth flow of wire to your welding hand and the work area.
  • Get the power to the arc: Simple is always best. Lincoln does it the old fashion way with a few extras. 180 amps makes sure you have enough power to heat almost any job you want to be done. You can weld Aluminum or Stainless steel as you chose. Aluminum makes for boats as well as the walls and roofs of sheds and even a complete backyard office.
  • Ready to do the job anywhere: Whether it is for the farm, auto body, and welding on a tank in the back. You have a welder that is versatile and adaptive. It uses a variety of wire thicknesses and can weld just about anything under the sun. It can do light fabrication as well as maintenance and repair almost anywhere.
  • To deliver this kind of Welding you need cutting edge technology: That what you have with this MIG welder, advanced solid-state circuitry controls all the action. The circuit cards are shielded and waterproofed as well. Nothing will get in the way of getting your welding done. Armored against shock and impact damage your Handheld MIG welder will outlast the competition easily.


  • 66 lbs makes it portable and site ready.
  • Welds almost anything with arc to spare.
  • The Magnum 100SG adds a new dimension to my welding repertoire. My work progress faster and the result is neat.
  • Using the Spool gun lets me weld things I would never attempt before.
  • Just vary the wire thickness changes the whole dynamics of the materials you can weld and their thicknesses.
  • 30 years in the welding business and I now have a great MIG mid range welder.
  • Welding that I can use to even make furniture with.
  • The price is right and the product is superb.
  • Always wanted a home welder, Now I have found one that does the job and it fitted my budget.


  • Make sure what you see and order is what arrives.
  • Had some trouble with Lincoln honoring their warranty.
  • Regulator fell apart. Waiting for replacement from Lincoln.


  • Question: 1) Can I use Tweco guns and tips?
  • Answer: ) Yes, provide they match the specs.
  • Question: 2) Can I weld up a chicken coop?
  • Answer: ) You can repair one or build a complete one out of aluminum if you wish.
  • Question: 3) Do I need to get a spool Gun?
  • Answer: ) The gun that comes with the unit is adequate if your welding skills are adequate.
  • Question: 4) What model of Spool Gun do I need?
  • Answer: ) The Magnum 100SG is recommended at the Lincoln website for this MIG welder.
  • Question: 5) How do I learn how to use the unit?
  • Answer: ) A DVD comes inside the box, yet If you did not get it, contact Lincoln and they will send you another.
  • Question: 6) Can I use the 180C in my body shop?
  • Answer: ) Sheet metal is just the thing that this MIG welder can cut its teeth on. Fenders and other areas on a car or SUV are prime candidates for customization or repair using the 180C MIG welder.

Reviewer’s Thoughts:

A well thought out design for an MIG welder. I do wish they included the spool gun as part of the package, though. As it was, I ordered it separately at the same time and It makes my welds passable, as my hands are not so steady anymore. I finished building a custom ladder for my daughter's tree house. It also made short work in building and outdoor jungle gym as well. So, this reviewer gives it double thumbs up and it makes a great present for that DIYer on your shopping list.

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