Klutch Mig 140si Inverter Powered Wire Feed Mig Welder Review

Introduction of Klutch Mig 140si Inverter Powered Wire Feed Mig Welder:

This Klutch Mig 140si Inverter Powered Wire Feed Mig Welder functions with 115 Volt power source and an amperage output ranging from 30 to 140 Amp. You will be amazed that it comes with an increased power delivery even though it is super lightweight. It is therefore very portable to be carried everywhere you go.


klutch mig 140si inverter powered wire feed mig welder

1. Inverter based system:

The Klutch Mig 140SI uses an inverter-based system that offers you an increased power output even from a smaller transformer. As a result the welding machine is super lightweight that weighs much less than other traditional models of comparable power source. The inverter is designed to adequately handle fluctuations in power input for consistent and reliable output for better welding experience.

With the inverter based system, less input amperage is required of this this Mig welder, which then reduces the overall power input required by this device by 25 Volt. This alone makes it cut above other traditional transformer.

2. Ultimate welding control:

The welder features an ultimate welding control that has an amperage output ranging from 30-140 Amps that can easily handle materials like mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Combining the Infinite wire-feed setting and voltage controls options, you are provided with maximum control over different material of varying thicknesses. It is also Spoolgun compactible for easy and fast welding of aluminum.

3. High performance and yet can multitask:

Although this unit is very straightforward and works so well 120 volts, you can still run your radio, cutter, your lights, and your grinder during welding. This unit is quality fit and very strong. You will absolutely have no issues when you run thicker material than let’s say 1/4”. You can even weld 1/2” inch material and the welder still won’t hit thermal cut off. This is also why we say this unit is versatile and meets your welding needs.

4. Other features:

This can easily weld 24 ga. to 3/16 inch steel material in just a single pass. It has an amperage output of 30 Amp to 140 Amp and a 30% duty cycle at 90 Amp. The Klutch Mig 140si  is designed to be used with a shielding gas or without. Since it can be used with or without a gas, it includes a gas horse and 10 feet ground cable.

This welding device also comes with a spot timer that allows set the dial to a predetermined time. So you are only left to choose how you like to run this unit. Last but not the least; it includes a removable professional Mig torch and then a regulator as well as a 3 years warranty.


  • Maximum control over different material of varying thicknesses.
  • Inverter based system increases power output.
  • Less input Ampere which then diminishes the overall power input.
  • Can be used with to without a shielding gas.
  • High performance and durability.


  • Its price is on the high side.
  • It carries arbitrary numbers on dial but this an issue you can easily ignore.


  • 1. Question: Which gas can I use with this machine?
  • Answer: Use either the 100% CO2 for mild steel but you should know that 75/25 is cleaner. For welding aluminum you can use argon for best performance.
  • 2. Question: Does it weld flux core wires or the non-flux core or both?
  • Answer: This machine is capable of welding both the flux core and the non-flux core wire. Simply use the shielding gas for the non-flux core.
  • 3. Question: Can I plug it into a 120 Volt wall socket?
  • Answer: Yes, you can. Just be sure it meets the current requirement.
klutch mig 140si inverter powered wire feed mig welder

Reviewer's Thoughts about Klutch Mig 140si Inverter Powered Wire Feed Mig Welder : 

This Klutch Mig 140si Inverter Powered Wire Feed Mig Welder is very versatile and of a high professional grade. It carries an inverter based 115V welder capable of handling industrial and commercial project with ease. Its useful spot timer and ultimate welding control makes it the perfect choice for professional. Its also may the best Mig welder for the user.

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