Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner 100 Review

Some Starting Speech of Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner 100:

Two welding guns combined with the Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner 100 MIG welder gives you a power combination is virtually impossible to beat. Powered from 230 V 60 Hz you can now well not only Ferrous but nonferrous aluminum as well.

That gives you the ability to weld up to 24 gauge steel in a single pass. And with the SpoolRunner 100, you unparalleled flexibility in your welding capabilities for auto body and fabrication work. On top of that, you also get the famous Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty protection plan.

hobart handler 500554001 190

So whether you want to do sheet metal, stainless, and aluminum you have it all with enough power to get the work done in a quarter of the time that it would take using a TIG or Stick welder. The base unit itself put out up to 190 amps of current at 7 voltage settings and has the capability of handling 4 inch and 8-inch spools with wiring diameters of 0.024, 0.030, and 0.035. This gives you a wide range welding jobs you can tackle.

Features of this 190 Hobart Welder :

1. SpoolRunner 100 Gun:

The SpoolRunner 100 weighs only 5 pounds and can handle .023 to .035 inch wire. It lets you weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel quickly and easily. What's more is warranted for one year or 90 days if you're using it in an industrial environment. Made for 4-inch wire reels that mount easily at the back of the handle and the entire unit is balanced to allow you to do precision work in tight spaces.It plugs and fast to the Hobart 190 or the 210. With only a power lead and the gas connection, you're ready to rock and roll, welding like you've never been able to weld before.

2. Versatility in welding applications:

With one unit and the two interchangeable guns, you are now able to tackle almost any welding challenge that you might face with a portable MIG welder. At 89 pounds, it can ride in most vehicles easily and then be transported via a cart to where the work needs to be done. From there its applications are almost unlimited with:

  • Aluminum Fabrication/Repair.
  • Trailer Fabrication/Repair.
  • Auto and Marine Repair.
  • Sign Manufacturing.

Being just a few of them.

So now when you need a welding job done and done right with precision and speed you have it all in the Handler 190 MIG welder.

3. A welder that supports 4 & 8-inch reels:

Depending on the amount of work you have to do, the standard 4-inch reel may not be enough. Fortunately, the handler 190 can support both four-inch and 8-inch reels easily and it is simple to make the change and not lose any time from getting the job done.This also means you have a combination of Flux Core as well as MIG welding wire capability that permits a multitude of welding possibilities that other single use welders cannot match.To help you in keeping this flexibility a dual gauge regulator along with gas hose are included in the package.

4. Now a complete package that is the answer to every welder's dream comes true:

Everything you need from the handler 190 welding unit with its electability in wire speed, size, and voltage settings to the flexibility to handle 4 an 8-inch wire reels. The inclusion of the standard MIG H100S4-10 gun gives you standard MIG Welding and then on top of that Hobart adds their SpoolRunner 100 gun ($215 if bought separately) to combine to make the perfect welding package.You get Hobart's famous support and a warranty that covers you from front to back. This is probably the best combo you'll ever see on the market today.


  • Powerful and I can weld almost anything.
  • The SpoolRunner 100 sold me on this package. Most other welding units make the spool gun optional.
  • The spool runner is easy to use even for a newbie welder. The rest the controls are intuitive and set up is simple and straightforward.
  • Good arc with a perfect bead, that makes me look like a Pro and I've only been welding a couple years.
  • A spectacular deal for the money, You get everything a welder could ask for in a compact package and you can do anything from aluminum to stainless steel.


  • Setting number four does not work and waiting for a replacement unit, otherwise everything works fine. Hobart customer support was right on it and didn't quibble about sending out the replacement.
  • Wish the same knob for voltage setting as the wire speed. The clicks are annoying as you change from setting to setting for your voltage.


  • 1. Question: What gasses do I need?
  • Answer: Argon is necessary for welding aluminum and an argon/CO2 mix works for steel. Please check in the instruction manual that came with your unit and you'll see a listing for which gasses go with which type of welding. You might also want to check the latest edition of the American Welding Society's Welding Handbook volumes 1 through 4. In it, you'll find all the information you require for the various types of welding that are currently in use at this time.
  • 2. Question: Do I have to do any special wiring to get the unit to work?
  • Answer: The handler 190 comes pre-configured for 230 V all you have to do is plug it into an appropriate wall outlet and everything should be fine.
  • 3. Question: I opened up my package and there's no SpoolRunner 100 inside. What gives?
  • Answer: The spool gun is a self-contained unit with its own carrying case and is separated from the main order. It will arrive in a separate package. This particular offer is a combo deal where the separate items are selected off the shelf and shipped to you to give you the benefits of the handler 190 along with the SpoolRunner 100.
hobart handler 500554001 190 with spoolrunner 100

Final Thoughts about Hobart Handler 190:

In this reviewer's eyes, this is the crème de la crème of welding combos. You get both worlds with the standard MIG torch as well as a spool gun. Have a base unit with you that is powerful and supplies sufficient power to do most fabrication, auto repair, and other welding jobs you can think of.

You have a good warranty and a customer service/support organization that is second to none. This reviewer can find few if any flaws in the entire scheme that Hobart used to entice Welders like us into purchasing their product.

The unit performs flawlessly, does everything that it’s designed to do. And fills a niche between the larger Hobart Welders and their competitors' machines and the low-end and hobbyist welders. So, if you want to well just about anything out there and do it with style and grace the Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner 100 combination package is just what the doctor ordered. It is one of the best Mig welder.

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