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Introduction of Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

For new and experienced welders can be highly choice to purchase The Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder . Hobart is a trusted brand celebrating nearly 100 years of contribution to the welding machinery industry! . This welder has parameters that allow for thin gauge steel welding 24ga up to ¼ inch, making it perfect for small and medium jobs. I received this Hobart as a gift. I found it to be really good at feeding the wire through when doing flux-core welds. My beading improved instantly with this machine.

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder Review


The Hobart 500559 Handler Mig Wire Welder, one of the best MIG welders, has an extensive list of features:

  • Easy to Use: This machine comes ready to use and with everything you will need to start welding right away! Simply set-up, plug in to your household 115V outlet, and go! The settings are easy to read. The welds come out very nice!
  • 25-140 Amps: The Hobart 500559 Wire Welder, when compared to other welders on the market, has a huge range in amp capabilities, from 25-140 amps! Combined with the versatility of flux core or gas welding, this welder checks all the boxes! I needed a stronger welder, and this one was a great gift!
  • 5 Temperature Settings: This Hobart welder has five heat settings to choose from, setting it apart from other welders on the market with more limited options. The variety is great when trying to select the perfect heat for the perfect weld. I really love this feature!
  • Hobart’s 5/3/1 Warranty: The trusted warranty Hobart’s maintains is based on the confidence they hold in their quality products. Five, Three, and One year warranties cover most aspects of parts and labor of your product! I had to use this warranty pretty early on due to a defect in packaging, and Hobart replaced the part within a couple of weeks. I can see why so many swear by this brand!
  • Top-Notch Arc Performance: The Hobart 500559 Handler Mig Wire Welder ranks among the best on the market due to the incredible arc performance of the machine. With excellent starting performance and crater fill abilities, arc performance is a huge factor in quality welding, as any good welder knows. Novice to experienced welders can look no further, if beautiful welds are what you're wanting!

Some Good Sides:

The advantages of the Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Mig Welder keep it on my short list of favorite welders, and include:

  • Quality USA Manufacture: The Hobart brand boasts national pride with maintaining its manufacturing within the United States, and The Hobart 500559 Handler Welder is made right in our very own Ohio! Quality parts and American craftsmanship set this welder above the rest!
  • Convenience: In addition to the portability and ease of use that comes with this Hobart machine, the polarity changeover adds even more convenience! Easy to use for beginners, but great precision for the experts among us too!


The drawbacks of this Hobart Wire Welder are few, but include:

  • Not included with purchase: Not unlike similar welders on the market, this Hobart machine does not come with basic safety materials such as a mask or gloves. I had some gloves and a mask on hand, and recommend the same for everyone.
  • Limitations: The restrictions to 1/8” steel lends itself to a downside of this Hobart welding option, though for the jobs it qualifies for, this is one of the best MIG welders and I love it!
  • Question: 1) Can I use this welder to weld aluminum?
  • Answer: ) Yes! With purchase of an optional spool gun and aluminum wire. Be sure to watch your heat settings though, I learned that the hard way (don't get it too hot!). Wants to know more then you can learn more from Hobart Welding School.
  • Question: 2) How heavy is this welder; is there a tray or cart included?
  • Answer: ) The Hobart 500559 Handler weighs about 65.3 pounds. and measures approximately 13.in height, 11in. width, and 19.5in. deep. A tray or cart is not included, but is an optional accessories purchase, and one that I recommend. She's a beast (but I can still move her around as needed).
  • Question: 3) What is the maximum open-current voltage for this welder?
  • Answer: ) It has a maximum open-current voltage of 28V.
  • Question: 4) Is this welder really made in the U.S.A.?
  • Answer: ) As advertised, the Hobart 500559 Handler is manufactured in Troy, Ohio! That's neat.
  • Question: 5) What comes with the Hobart 500559 Handler Welder, out of the box?
  • Answer: ) When I opened this I got: Handler welder with built-in gas valve, 10 ft. MIG gun with liner, a 10-ft. cable and clamp, a 10-ft. power cord, a dual gauge regulator with hose, .030 contact tips, a spool of .030 flux-core wire, an 8-in. spool adapter, and the owner’s manual and instructions.
Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder
Final Recommendation:

When it comes to creating great beads in my welding jobs, the Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder is a great option! With 5 temperature options, up to 140 amps, and quality parts and labor backed by an extensive warranty, this Hobart product ranks high on the list of best MIG welders. The price can’t be beat at around $500; it is extremely affordable when compared to the lesser quality alternatives with the capabilities of this machine. I have used this welder pretty extensively since receiving it about a year ago, with minimal maintenance and cleaning. It's a super great option for welding, highly recommend.

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