Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder Review

Introduction of Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP:

Hobart is a famous name known to anyone who’s in the welding business. Their products and services are legendary. The Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP is just another example of what they have to offer for the DIY Welder. Its also an one of the best MIG welder in the market. Though it comes with its own gun. It is set up to handle Hobart's SpoolRunner 100 automatic feed gun along with the normal amenities you would expect that would come with a product made by one of the best welding supply companies in the world.

Hobart 500553 Handler

One of which being a dual gauge regulator and its associated gas hose. The power cable comes with interchangeable plugs that allow you to switch between domestic power as well as 230 V. The MVP is designed to handle both voltages with ease.

Additionally, you also get a 10-foot working cable for the gun as well as a 10-foot rounding cable and match it. And a heavy-duty clamp to ensure a secure and stable ground. You also get an 8-inch adapter for the wire feed and on the inside. Cover has all the information you require to set up for the various metals you'll be working with.

Features of Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP for Use with SpoolRunner 100:

1. Weld Non-ferrous metals with ease:

Aluminum is no problem when you have the SpoolRunner 100 that you can buy optionally. However, you can well most other materials using the supplied H100S4-10 gun. You get inside the box that contains the MVP unit.

You can be up and welding within minutes of plugging everything in. And when you do purchase a SpoolRunner 100 will discover that there is a convenient selector switch the changes operation between MIG welding with the 4 or 8-inch spool reel contained inside the cabinet or with the spool gun that you bought separately.This means you can switch back and forth with style and panache.Don't worry about wiring voltages or gas pressure as it is all handled automatically.

2. Adaptable to your work environment:

The ability to switch between domestic 110 and 230 V and some other units requires major rewiring. With the MVP, it's a simple plug change in your raring to go with whatever power is available at the work site.

This provides you versatility and since the unit is portable. You can put it in the back of your vehicle and head out the door to wherever the work needs to be done. It does weigh a little bit under 90 pounds. So you might want to get a cart to help you maneuvered around where you are working.However, after that, you have a steady arc of power. That power allows you to get most of your welding needs done quicker than you ever thought possible.

3. Works with 4 or 8-inch reels:

One of the big problems was never having enough wire to feed through for a long more complicated job. No longer, as the MVP 210 can adjust between 4-inch and 8-inch reels with the simple addition of an adapter which comes with the unit.

Now, you could weld to your heart’s content and not worry about losing your place while you have to switch reels. Your welds are now continuous and much smoother looking than ever before.No more roll of dimes appearance in your welds everything is even in smooth when you are finished. Even beginners can do professional work in only a short period of time.

Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP
4. Great for the novice or the pro that needs some light fabrication work done:

The unit is simple to operate and is perfect for the DIY, beginner, and pro that need some lightweight fabrication work done.The controls are intuitive and everything is clearly marked in big simple to read numbers. Pop open the side cover of the unit and you will see all the information you require to get a perfect weld the first time and every time.The manual that comes with the welder is extensive and Hobart's customer service is known throughout the industry as one of the best in the business.

  • I'm a beginner and even I was able to start welding almost immediately once I plugged the unit in
  • As a veteran welder (20 years plus) I was used to heavy-duty welding rigs such as Weldpak and Lincoln. However, when I had to start doing welding on my own I discovered that they were just up to scratch for the low-end welding work I was being asked to do. That's when I switch to the MVP and discovered a whole new world of welding with the unit that handles easily and cheaper than my big rigs.
  • Wire feed is smooth and doesn't jam.
  • Great for the home and like welding on a construction site.


  • During turning the unit on and off the on-off switch is a little ragged
  • The ground wire is stiff.


  • 1. Question: Can the unit weld 3/8 inch mild steel?
  • Answer: yes, this is easily done and welding even thicker metal is possible. Check the chart inside the cabinet. You will see the specifications for the types and thicknesses of metal you'll be working with.
  • 2. Question: Is this welder made in the US or is it a third-party import?
  • Answer: The unit is assembled in Ohio. So, one would assume that some of the components may not be made in America. But the unit itself is put together in the good old of USA.
  • 3. Question: Does Amazon have a card that fits this unit?
  • Answer: Amazon has a variety of cards. Many users have purchased there's from Amazon with no problems and are quite satisfied with the results.

Reviewer's Thoughts About This Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder:

A bit heavy but then this reviewer no longer has to lug their welding gear around with them, as they only have to point out the fallacies and mistakes of newbie welders while teaching them. The Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP puts out enough power to handle most light fabrication and welding needs.

Adding on a spool gun increases its versatility and allows you to handle nonferrous materials simply and the results are much more than satisfactory. You get a smooth well and require virtually no grinding smooth things out.

Overall, this welder delivers what it says it will do and the only criticism is in the 85 pounds of weight the unit has. This can be overcome by utilizing a cart or mounting it on a trailer as this reviewer has done when they built a mobile welding shop.

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