Hobart 500495 Handler 125 MIG 115-Volt Welding Package Reviews

Some Starting Point of This Hobart 500495 Handler 125 MIG 115-Volt Welding Package

Hobart 500495 Handler 125 MIG 115-Volt Welding Package is a fine small MIG welder from Hobart, a reputable company. This welder is considered one of the best MIG welders from Hobart because it is very reliable and well made. It effectively welds 24 gauge to 3/16" thick steel. Hobart handler 125 is also a convertible unit. Use it as is with flux core wire or convert it to a gas MIG welding with a separate gas tank and regulator. This popular brand does have a hefty price tag, but it may be worth the investment. Power: 115v. Weight: 53lb.

hobart mig welder
Features and Benefits:
  • 1. Convertible: The Handler 125 has a built-in valve that can be used with shielding gas. Just hook up a proper tank, use the correct wire and welding tip, and you are welding with gas.
  • 2. Electrically cold trigger: Like many other welders, the Handler 125 has an electrically cold welding tip until the trigger is pressed. This safety feature eliminates the possibility of accidental arching.
  • 3. Wide range of wire thickness: Hobart 500495 Handler 125 MIG 115-Volt Welding Package can be set up to run welding wire from 0.023" to 0.035" thick. For low power welding it is necessary to use the thin wire. For high power welding use thicker wire for best performance.
  • 4. Carrying handle: The Handler 125 weighs 50 pounds. It also has a handle for easy carrying to a work site. It can be easily moved and used anywhere with an electrical connection with this machine in flux core welding mode.
hobart 500495 handler 125 mig 115 volt welding package

Advantages of this hobart welding machine:

  • Because the Handler 125 can be configured to run different size wire, it can also weld a wide range of steel thicknesses. The thin 0.023" wire can be used for very thin steel because this wire can arc at the lowest power. The thick 0.035 wire can handle the welder's highest setting. It is possible to thicker steel welding using this machine.
  • The Handler 125 has a larger power range than most other small welders. It can be set to 30 amps for thin steel. It has a range of settings up to 130 amps for tough welding on thicker steel.
  • This welder can be used with flux core welding wire for normal steel welding. It can also be converted to a gas welder for specialty steel, such as stainless. Gas welding also makes a clean weld with less splatter than flux welding.
  • The Handler 125 only has a simple control panel with a power switch and two knobs. Setting the machine will only take a few minutes and you can begin welding.
  • Although the Handler 125 is convertible for gas MIG welding, accessories will need to be purchased. The pressure regulator and tank are sold separately.
  • The Handler 125 does not have a continuously variable power knob. It instead has selector points. Anywhere within the lowest and highest setting it should be used  large welders. This welder instead has definite power point settings. I am fine with it and so I do not see it as a disadvantage.
  • The price tag of this machine may be out of reach for many starting welders. These novices may choose a lower price model and upgrade to the Handler 125 at a later date.
  • Due to the higher amperage requirements of the Handler 125, it will not work well with many AC generators. It prefers higher output home electricity to function properly.


  • 1. Question: Is this welder ready to convert to a gas MIG?
  • Answer: An accessory kit to convert the Handler 125 to a MIG is sold separately. You will also need to purchase a filled shielding gas bottle from a local welding supplier.
  • 2. Question: How big a generator would I need to operate this welder out in the field?
  • Answer: You would need a generator rated above 2500 watts to run this welder properly.
  • 3. Question: Can I weld aluminum with the MIG gas welding upgrade?
  • Answer: TIG welder is the appropriate welding machine for aluminum welding. The steel welding wire in a MIG will only burn the aluminum you are trying to weld.
  • 4. Question: What is the warranty for this welder?
  • Answer: The internal electric parts have a 5-year warranty. The other parts are warrantied for 3 years or less.
  • 5. Question: Can I weld 24 gauge steel with this welder out of the box?
  • Answer: Although it is true that the Handler 125 can weld 24 gauge, it will probably only work well if it is converted for gas MIG welding.
  • 6. Question: Will I need to change tips to use different wire?
  • Answer: You will need to purchase tips of different sizes according to the welding wires you plan to use.

Final Verdict about Hobart Handler 125 Hobart 500495:

If your budget will allow, the Hobart Handle 125 is probably the best MIG welder for the home shop. Its ability to be converted to a gas MIG welder means it can weld thin steel and even stainless steels. This welder certainly has the power to weld metals even beyond its claim. Welders have stated that they have welded 1/4" steel and a bit thicker with the Hobart 500495 Handler 125 MIG 115-Volt Welding Package. With the power, welding range, and quality of the Handler 125, it would be a great asset in any welder's tool supply.

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