Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine Reviews

Get Start with Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine

Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine is one of the best MIG welders on the market for thin Metal Welding needs. With simple set-up and inclusive of all necessary parts to begin welding, this machine is a great option for beginners and experienced welders alike! The GoPlus was my first welder! The simplicity of use and low price keeps it a favorite!

Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine Review


The Goplus® MIG Welder Flux Core Automatic Feed Welding Machine has a list of features that has kept it on my list of best MIG welders, some of which include:

  • Easy to Use: With simple and easy to understand instructions and options, the ease of this welder adds to the already amazing value! It comes with everything you need to get started with your current thin metal welding project including the machine, gun, and wire! The light weight helps too!
  • Affordable: Easily one of the lowest cost welders on the market today, this welder can be purchased for under $90! In today’s market, savings are always a pleasant feature, and this Goplus welder offers ample savings! The price tag made it an easy buy for me, and I am so happy I started with this machine, it made welding seem easy!
  • Long Handles: No matter the welding job size, long handles make it easier! The Goplus® MIG Welder comes with 12” handles! This adds ease and flexibility to you in your small welding projects. It proved especially helpful in my DIY projects around the house.
  • 4 Temperature Settings: With 4 separate heat settings, labeled from lowest to highest, new welders and those experienced in the trade will find ease and capability in this bonus feature. It keeps things easy!

Advantages: The number of advantages this Goplus® MIG Welder Flux Core Machine offer set this welder apart from the competition:

  • Great Value!: With a price tag that cannot be beat and extra features that include excellent temperature settings and free safety equipment, the overall value of this welder makes it an easy choice! I still use this welder despite having upgraded to high capacity machines (if I can use this welder, I do!).
  • Lots of Extras!: This Goplus® Welding Machine comes with everything you need to start your small DIY or maintenance welding project, including machine, gun, wire, brush, and a free mask! I especially liked the included safety equipment as a brand-new welder.

Drawbacks: The Goplus® MIG Welder Flux Core Automatic Feed Welding Machine has a few drawbacks:

  • All Electric: As a new welder, this was a minimal downside, but now that I have some experience, it is a downside to those within the craft. Though the price more than makes up for the lack of that option.
  • No Warranty: The biggest drawback of this welder is that there is no warranty to back up the claims. The quality of the design is proven with the first use, however! Plus, with a price like this, who’s worried?!


  • Question: 1) How big is this welder? I’m looking for something for quick jobs that I can take with me from job to job.
  • Answer: ) Weighing only 35 lbs., this welder is among the lightest on the market. This makes it easy to transport and was very easy to use!
  • Question: 2) Can I use this to weld 5/16”?
  • Answer: ) The Goplus® MIG Welder is great for thin metal jobs, but 5/16” is probably beyond the scope of its performance.
  • Question: 3) Is this a DC Output welder?
  • Answer: ) No, this Goplus Welder is an AC Output welder.
  • Question: 4) What size wires can I use with this welder? Does any wire come included with purchase?
  • Answer: ) Some wire is included. The sample does not last long though! I have used .030 and .035 flux without much issue.
  • Question: 5) What is the voltage of this welder?
  • Answer: ) The Goplus® MIG Welder Flux Core Automatic Feed Welding Machine has a maximum open voltage of 37V. The maximum absorbed power is 3.6KVA and the maximum output current is 15% at 105AMP.
Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine

Final Recommendation:

When I went out looking for a quality MIG welder at a great price, the Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine ranks number one! The free mask is just icing on the cake for this compact and easily portable welder. The all-inclusive extremely affordable Goplus MIG Welder has served its purpose perfectly in my DIY jobs around the house and stays on my list of best MIG welders! I recommend this machine for anyone needing a small welder!

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