Forney 95 fi 120v Flux Core Forney Welder Review

Introduction of this Forney Welding Machine:

Though the unit is rated at 95 A at 120 V its 20% Judy cycle cuts you down to about 60 A this Forney Welder is perfect for the automotive trades where working with 3/16 sheet-metal is a standard.

For this type of work, you have the perfect portable tool to get the job done. It is also useful for Hobby and the DIY home welder who needs an MIG welder that won't cost them an arm and a leg. Using .030 in .035 flux core welding wires you can get a neat weld and do so in less time than using TIG or oxyacetylene rigs.

Forney Welder


1. Flux cored MIG:

You can almost weld right after the UPS man drops off the package. However, you should probably take a little time to familiarize yourself with the unit and see what it can do.By using flux core wire eliminates the need for regulators, gas hoses, and the hassle of making sure the environment spic and span with its air quality before you begin welding.This simplifies the welding process immensely and if you stay within the duty cycle limitations of the unit, you can get excellent work at an economical price.

2. Tweco style gun:

One of the most popular made welding guns you can buy today and this one is no exception as it is easy to use, fits your hand ergonomically, and completely.Using this type of gun makes your welds look professional and you have perfect control over Arc and distance from the work.This is the type of gun that welders for years have cut their teeth on and shows no signs of being obsolescent or replaced in the next few years.

3. So easy to use a newbie can start welding almost at once:

One of the things that stop people from entering the welding trades is the belief that welding is difficult.

Forney turns this myth on its ears has right out of the box everything is laid out simply and easily with the instructions that not only tell you how to set things up but which settings you need to use depending on the type of metal thickness.The unit supplies more than enough power to do these things and in some instances, you have to throttle back on the amperage or you might get burn through.

4. Everything you need to start weld all in one box:

The Forney weighs in at a little less than 45 pounds making this welding unit extremely light and portable.With a three-year warranty on the transformer and various other components, the company feels that the 95FI will be with you for years of service.

However, what makes this package so versatile is that it comes with everything. Torch, school of flux cored wire, contact tips, chipping hammer, and a lightweight face shield all come and one package.


  • For a newbie like me, it has everything that I needed to get started out in Welding.
  • Tweco style gun and the spool of flux core wire gets you started in style. However, I'd recommend buying a professional grade face shield as the one that comes in the box is a little underwhelming.
  • Simple to use and only two power settings to worry about this is one of the simplest welding rigs I've ever seen.
  • Great for sheet metal work and the wire loads fast and won't jam on you.
  • I've been able to weld 18 gauge easily without burn through. This makes it perfect for my model railroading hobby as I can create the dioramas I've always dreamed up.
  • This is the perfect welder for the do-it-yourselfe or hobbyist in the home. However, you shouldn't expect it to do industrial grade work due to the limitations of its duty cycle.


  • Wish it had more flexibility for voltage settings. But what do you expect for the price.
  • Only use this for hobby work or sheet metal for bodywork. Don't expect and production type work out of it.


  • 1. Question: What is the thickness of the metal I can weld with?
  • Answer: It welds up to 1/8" in thickness. It works well with metals as thin as 3/16 as well.
  • 2. Question: I want to weld light aluminum. Will the unit do this?
  • Answer: No, You need to go with an MIG and a Spool Gun or TIG welder.
  • 3. Question: Can I weld Stainless Steel?
  • Answer: No, You need to use a different rig to handle Stainless.
  • 4. Question: Can I use a wire spool?
  • Answer: No, Flux Core only.
  • 5. Question: I want to do some body and car repair. Is this welder up for it?
  • Answer: Yes, it will do sheet metal and other thin metals up to 1/8" in thickness.

Reviewer’s Thoughts about This Forney Welder:

We have here a lightweight and portable welder for the home as well as the garage. You can do bodywork, hobbyist pursuits, and crafts of all sorts with this Forney Welder. Building wire forms for sculpture and other purposes is a cinch.For those working on sheet metal for automotive repairs, this makes a good little welder to have around. It is not made for industrial, commercial, and large-scale applications. It only has two settings 60 and 90 answers so you have little flexibility in the current that you can use.

The bright point is it doesn't take much skill for any sort of steep learning curve to start welding. So, this makes it a best MIG welder for the novice was just getting their feet wet and wants to learn more about welding.Overall, it is a good introductory welder and comes with everything you need to get started. However, you'll probably want to replace the face shield and the tools with better, as you learn more about welding along the way.

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