Forney 318 190 Amp Mig Welder 230 Volt Review

Lets Introduce with Forney 318 190 Amp Mig Welder 230 Volt:

This Forney 318 190 Amp Mig Welder 230 Volt Mig Welder is a versatile machine and can well be used for farms, boats, automotive, repair welding, and general fabrication. This welding machine is MIG-ready using gas hose and regulator. It is electric powered and has am amperage of 190 Amp. It might cost you more so you need to have a good budget. You should also know that it is not as portable as the miller Mig welder. But the cable wrap makes it easier to be transported.

forney 318 190 amp mig welder


1. MIG and Flux Cored:

This welder Includes a 10 feet welding torch, 15 feet power cord, ground clamp, regulator and gas hose. All these come along with this best rated Mig welder for its full function and for versatility across different sections of metal and thicknesses. It input ranges up to 190/230V. This welder is usable on a wide range of metallic materials. They include: stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and even cast iron. It sure gets all your work and fabrications covered. With its large cabinet, you have an easy access to both 4” and 8” spools.

2. Wire Feeder:

The wire feeder of the welding machine is the cast-aluminum drive system. This particular feature of cast aluminum is the reason why the wire feeder is more rugged to weld across heavy duty materials and also last longer. With the Forney 318, it gets better with tougher jobs. Also note that the parts of this system can be easily replaced.

For better and more effective feeding consistency, the wire feeder is of a higher quality when compared to other welding devices of the same market value. One of the reasons for this is that it has an upper geared idler that feeds the wire even better. To crown it all up, it has a limited struggle in setting up and usage.

3. New and Improved functions:

What can I weld with this? You should be ready because this welder allows you to do a lot. From metal fabrication to maintenance routine, it can be used in the farms, in the ranch, automotive workshop fabrication and repair.

4. 5/3/1 warranty

This advanced warranty program comes as follows with:

  • 5 years: the first five years covers parts replacement and labor or the full replacement of transformer.
  • 3 years: during this period, you can ask for the replacement of parts and labor. Or you can as well opt for the complete replacement of all components inside its charger or the welder itself with the exemption of the transformer.
  • 1 year: this covers parts replacement and labor for all components and units outside the welder cover or battery set. It includes but not restricted to cables and clamps. Wheels, axle and switches are not included in the 1 year warranty. This warranty only covers 90 days replacement for industrial use which excludes labor.


  • 5/3/1 year warranty.
  • Have new, improved and upgraded functions.
  • Can be used for more rugged jobs and on heavy duty materials.
  • It can weld stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and even cast iron.
  • The parts are replaceable.
  • Easy to set up without much struggle.


  • More expensive than more portable welders, but then you should realize that is heavy duty works better for tougher jobs.
  • Not so portable but it can be easily transported with the wire wrap.


  • 1. Question: Does it work on AC or DC power supply or both?
  • Answer: It only works on AC
  • 2. Question: What is duty cycle rating of this welder?
  • Answer: It has 20% rating duty circle at rated output. You can see from this manual available here.
  • 3. Question: My garage runs on a 15 amp circuit so I’m wondering if I should go with it.
  • Answer: it can trip a 15 amp breaker so I would suggest you use on a 20 amp for uninterrupted performance but it works best on 35 amps and above.
forney 318 190 amp mig welder 230 volt

Final Thoughts about Forney Mig Welder:

This Forney 318 190 Amp Mig Welder 230 Volt welder makes a lot of difference when you compare it to its class range. I can say this because the arch and weld are smoother with much less spatter. It is easily adjustable and has a good precision and feed from the readout. I definitely would recommend this welder for you. It’s an excellent product that has a fantastic customer service and good value for money, which is why it is considered as one of the best Mig welder.

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