Everlast Poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder Reviews

Lets Introduce to Everlast Poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder

The latest in Transistor technology with an IGBT inverter that gets you the power you need to weld with the best and that is Everlast Poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder. You can use a spool gun with this MIG welder and it has all the attachment points ready to go with one of the most recognized makers provides you with a Tweco gun that lets you get off to a great start in your MIG welding. Wire reels mount on the side and the gun attaches to the front. The pro and nonprofessionals alike easily understand the controls. Setup is easy and feeds in the wire for the initial start is self-explanatory with a little help from the manual.


Everlast poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder Review

"Everlast poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder"

  • Lightest Mig Welder you have ever seen: 20 lbs. Makes it man-portable and travels to a work-site. From there it is versatile and can do most of what you ask of it. It has a better duty cycle over transformer powered MIG welders. Its 35% duty cycle gives you 140 amps.
  • Use Tweco #11 tips and both Tweco/Lincoln guns with ease: Completely at home, with either Spool gun or tips. You can use gas or use a spool gun alone out of doors. You can weld most light metals and getting a neat weld line is a cinch.
  • Combine argon and you have a pure environment for the perfect weld: Using the flow through argon gas attachments let the unit control all the actions and syncs use with the Tweco gun and spool gun in tandem. All three make your welding professional and you wouldn't have to redo any after it's all said and done.
  • Simple to operate: You control the arc, wire flow, and gas. Everything runs like clockwork to get your welding work done fast and without wasted effort. The connection is industry standard and you would have to worry if anything is going to fit or not. Gas hoses are included with this model.


  • It may great for the DIY person who wants to get his welding done but is strapped for cash.
  • Makes short work of difficult welds.
  • Goes where the work is and handles standard guns and tips.
  • Takes a 4, 6, and even an 8-inch spool.
  • Weld with gas or forego it and just use the spool gun and flux.
  • No annoying transformer buzz that sets your teeth on edge.
  • Arrived early and after a brief walk-through it was happily welding away in my shop.
  • When you release the trigger you get some flow through that gets you set up for the next weld.


  • Not compatible with miller tips, But will work with Tweco.
  • Read the manual carefully and interpret it as it was not written by a native speaker.
  • Measurements are in metric so be careful when feeding in wire.
  • Wish it came with some wire to run through it at first to get the hang of it.


  • Question: 1) Is it hard to get replacement tips?
  • Answer: ) #11 Tips from Tweco or Lincoln can be found at any welding supply center.
  • Question: 2) Why is it so light compared to my miller?
  • Answer: ) Transistor technology provides the power over transformer's bulk and weight.
  • Question: 3) Can I do production work with this welder?
  • Answer: ) 140 amps can do a lot. However, is has a 35% duty cycle and that means you need to give it a rest every so often. This precludes it from heavy work.
  • Question: 4) What size wire reels will it support?
  • Answer: ) In the manual, it says it supports 4-8-inch reels.
  • Question: 5) What kind of connection does the gun use?
  • Answer: ) Euro Quick Disconnect.
  • Question: 6) How fast will the wire feed?
  • Answer: ) 360 IPM.
Everlast poweri MIG 140e Mig Welder
Reviewer’s Thoughts:

You have a Euro import that works well and is lightweight to the max. This makes it perfect for contractors and repair people. The homeowner will also find it useful for any DIY welding work. It is not heavy duty like a Miller.It fits in the mid range niche that covers building projects, site work and automotive/motorcycle welding. Gas uses a euro style connector and might take a little getting used to at first. The torch is a standard and is interchangeable. The recommended on is a Trafimet Ergo Plus 15. Others have had good luck with Lincoln and Tweco guns as well.

However, its big selling points are its weight and price. You don't have to kill yourself moving it from job site to job site. The lack of a transformer cuts down on both weight and cost. T still puts out a significant amount of arc current so it will get most work you need to be done. With all this going for it, this reviewer gives it two thumbs up.

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