Everlast Powerarc 140st 140A Lift Start TIG Stick IGBT Welder Review

Intro of Everlast Powerarc 140st Tig welder:

If your aim of getting TIG welder machine is superior performance and flexibility, Everlast Powerarc 140st 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage is the best choice for you. It is a multi-purpose welding machine as it can be used for DC TIG and stick welding purpose.

The machine uses DINSE 25mm style connectors. This is unique because it makes connection easy and simple. It is suitable for stainless and steel welding. In addition to that, it features 17V series of manual gas valve, which is inbuilt with its torch handle.

Furthermore, the machine features 140 amp double voltage of 120/240V. Another important feature is the CC IGBT inverter. There are other interesting features.

everlast powerarc 140st


Energy efficient:

One of the things that make this welding machine popular is the energy efficiency. It is a perfect choice for those who want to conserve energy. When it comes to energy conservation, no other machine of that model that can compare with it. When you use this welder machine, your energy bill will not swell.

User friendly:

Another important feature is that the product is user friendly. It digitally displays information, and setting the current is not difficult. Because of the ease of use, even a novice can set the control without difficulties. To make things easier for the user, the machine does not contain many knobs, which can confuse users when they set the product. It features just one knob, and the direction of setting is shown. It is a question of following the direction and achieving your control goals. In the same way, reading the setting is not going to be difficult.

Quality control:

One of the factors to determine the best TIG welder is the quality control and customer service. One common problem with this kind of product is quality control. It is important that when you encounter this kind of difficulties that the customer service department will attend to you. This is exactly what you get when you acquire this kind of product. If you have problem with the machine, it does not take time for it to be repaired. If there is a further problem, then you can begin to enjoy the warranty, which the company makes available for its customers.


Another important attribute is the issue of portability. It has a carrying bag, which you can use to take to anywhere you want to go. One of the key features to consider when you are looking for the best TIG welder is the issue of portability. You will not have a problem taking the machine to where you want to use it.


Control feature was discussed; another thing related to it is a quality digital display. Readings can be displayed digitally and because of that, you can increase or adjust current settings. You can adjust the current settings to low or high depending on the type of work you want to do with the machine.

Multipurpose cutting:

The machine is suitable for different kind of cutting. Users can lift start the DC TIG setting for stainless and steel welding. Moreover, it features 17V welding series and it can weld with manual gas valve.

Superior arc quality:

Although the product is highly portable, the arc quality is on the same level with commercial and larger class machines. This means that you can use the machine to do various kinds of welding jobs. For carrying out different kinds of welding jobs, it has auto adaptive arc, and auto adaptive hot start force control. This is available in stick mode. It can enhance its welding electrodes use.

If you want to use gas regulator on the TIG welding machine, then you have to get gas regulators. Using gas regulator is optional. You have to make your choice based on the type of work you want to do with the welder machine.

everlast powerarc 140st


  • The machine is compactly designed and this makes it highly portable.
  • It is lightweight and this adds to its portability.
  • Dual purpose welding machine.
  • The welding machine is user friendly as it is simple and easy to use.
  • It features 120/240V double voltage design.
  • The machine is good for commercial, professional, and hobby welding jobs.


  • Some users have complained that the machine cannot be used for heavy duty jobs.
  • Sometimes, customer service support does not come when expected.


  • 01. Question: Is there any regulator included?
  • Answer: Regulator not included. May require a minimal amount of additional fittings to connect TIG torch to regulator.
  • 02. Question: What is the maximum output of this everlast welder?
  • Answer: Maximum output is 140amp (DC Only).

Final Thought about Everlast Powerarc 140st Tig Stick welder:

In all, Everlast Powerarc 140st 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage is one of the best TIG welding machines available in the market today. The machine is highly durable and portable. It is a user-friendly machine, conserves energy and highly reliable.

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