Clarke WE6527 160EN 240 Volt Fluxcore MIG Welder Review

Introduction of  Clarke WE6527 160EN 240 Volt Fluxcore MIG Welder

Customers who already have a dedicated 220v outlet may consider the Clarke WE6527 160EN 240 Volt Fluxcore MIG Welder to be the best MIG welder. It is among the inexpensive welders with the highest output. It can weld thin or thick steel, stainless steel and aluminum with the MIG setup. Power input: 240v. Welding output range: 30-150 amps. Weight 60lb.

clarke we6527 160en 240 volt fluxcore mig welder

Features and Benefits of Clarke Welder WE6527:

  • 1. Convertible to MIG: The WE6527 has a gas valve built in for conversion to gas MIG welding. This feature expands the number of materials that can be welded. Welding is easy with the MIG setup. Weld beads are also smoother and stronger.
  • 2. Six power settings: This welder has a 3 power setting knob and a high/low switch. The switch expands the power range to six settings for different metal types and thicknesses.
  • 3. Electronically variable feed: The WE6527 has a continuously variable feed control knob. It can be set anywhere between the lowest and highest points for precise wire feed.
  • 4. Safety tip: Like many other wire feed welders, the WE6527 has a Tweco type trigger that disconnects power to the welding tip. The tip is electrically cold while the trigger is not being pressed. This prevents accidental arching, damage and injury.
  • 1. With its 220v/240v input, the WE6527 has a peak output of 150 amps. This welder has enough power to weld 1/4" steel in one pass.
  • 2. With conversion to gas MIG, it can weld stainless steel and aluminum.
  • 3. The WE6527 can be used as is with flux core welding wire or converted to a gas MIG welder. This makes this welder great for home shop welding of regular steel or for occasional specialty welding like aluminum or stainless steel.
  • 4. With its wide range of power options, the WE6527 can weld thin car bodies as well as thick steel structures with ease.
  • 1. At 60 pounds, the WE6527 is not the easiest small welder to carry. Also, because it only runs on 220v/240v power, it may not be the best unit for portable welding in the field.
  • 2. Some welders may not like the three power knob and the min/max switch. I would prefer a welder that has six settings on one knob.
  • 3. The WE6527 works with 220v or 240v electricity, so some customers may not be able to power this unit in a home shop or garage.
  • 4. The power cord is not as long as some would prefer. There is also no plug at the end of the power cord. This is possibly for those who would like to wire the unit directly into a power supply box. An optional 220v plug should be included.


  • 1. Question: What type of warranty will I get with this welder?
  • Answer: There is no expressed warranty terms that I could find. Some reviewers only state that the warranty is reasonable. The manufacturer may not honor many requests for return or repair.
  • 2. Question: Can I run this welder on my home electricity?
  • Answer: The Clarke WE6527 160EN 240 Volt Fluxcore MIG Welder will not operate on 110v house current.
  • 3. Question: What is included with the unit? Is it ready to go out of the box?
  • Answer: A small spool of flux core wire and a starter welding shield are included. Accessories to convert to gas MIG welding and a power plug are sold separately. If you do not need a plug and are wiring it directly to an electrical box, it is ready to operate.
  • 4. Question: Is it an AC or DC welder?
  • Answer: This is a DC output welder, which is why it can weld aluminum with a gas MIG conversion.
  • 5. Question: What will I need to power this welder in my garage?
  • Answer: you will need 220v or 240v electrical power and a 30 amp circuit breaker dedicated solely to the welder.
  • 6. Question: What accessories would I need to convert this from a flux core to a MIG welder?
  • Answer: You will need a bottle of shielding gas, such as argon. Therefor you will also need a pressure regulator, a gas line, and a spool of solid wire. Aluminum welding will require aluminum wire.

Conclusion of Clarke Mig Welder WE6527EN:

The peak amperage of the Clarke WE6527 160EN 240 Volt Fluxcore MIG Welder make this welder the most powerful of the units reviewed. While some other models can only weld up to 3/16" steel, this one can weld 1/4" thick steel. It is also the lowest price model that can be converted to a true MIG welder. I have an issue with the lack of a specified warranty. It does appear to be a solid machine. If you want to weld aluminum and demand a great price, Clarke's WE6527 welder is probably a good purchase.

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