Campbell Hausfeld Welder WF2150 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder Review

Introduction to Campbell Hausfeld Welder WF2150:

This is not a true MIG welder because it only uses flux core wire and no gas. It can be a great tool for the novice and semi-experienced welder. This welder is also a good item for a home shop and light construction. The Campbell WF2150 can weld steel up to 3/16 inch thick. The Campbell Hausfeld Welder WF2150 can also be a great asset on a farm. It may not handle large jobs and industrial welding. It does have its place anywhere light to medium welding is needed. Power: 115v. Weight: 36.4lb.

campbell hausfeld wf2150 flux core wire feed welder

Features and Benefits of campbell hausfeld:

  • 1. Easily portable handle: This machine is also small and light enough to be moved to any job site. It has a carrying handle to make it easy to carry anywhere welding is needed and electricity is available.
  • 2. Electrically cold trigger: This welder has a switch that cuts power to the wire when the trigger is not pressed. This prevents accidental arching and possible damage or injury.
  • 3. Overheating protection: This welder also shuts down automatically to avoid overheating. This prevents damage to the machine and possible heat danger.
  • 4. Constant speed wire feed: This welder also features an independent drive deck transformer. This allows the welder to feed wire at a constant speed. It also has an infinite wire speed control. This feature allows for smoother, stronger welding beads.

Advantages of the hausfeld WF2150:

  • Price: With an amazing low price, the Hausfeld WF2150 is an affordable machine. It also makes it a great entry-level choice for novice welders.
  • Gas-free welding: It uses flux core wiring, so there is no need for a separate bottle of shielding gas.
  • Portable: The Campbell welder WF2150 is a lightweight, portable machine. I can easily be taken along to any project where electrical power is available. Read more from pick my perfect
  • Standard power: The Campbell WF2150 can be plugged into any home electrical outlet. It also has 4 power settings up to 70 amps, which will weld steel up to 3/16 thick. It is powerful enough to handle most home and small shop projects, such as constructing a homemade barbecue.
  • Weak grounding clamp: Campbell Hausfeld has yet to improve the grounding clamp of their welders. I recommend replacing it with a more robust clamp.
  • Burns thin metal: The WF2150 does not have a low enough power setting to weld very thin sheet steel. It tends to burn through steel thinner than 12 gauge. If you will be working with thin steel, it might be best to consider another welder model.
  • Wire feed speed: Even at the slowest speed, the wire feed is too fast for some tasks. This is a common issue with Campbell Hausfeld welders.
  • Trigger action: The trigger may be tricky. It can be touchy on some units. The company should consider upgrading the trigger switch for new models.
  • 1. Question: Is this welder an AC or DC welder?
  • Answer: It is labeled as a DC welder. This welder has a rectifier and it has DC output.
  • 2. Question: Can I weld aluminum with the WF2150?
  • 3. Question: Can this welder be used for auto body repair?
  • Answer: Yes, but not as well as other models. If you are doing a lot of body welding you might look at other units that can be converted to MIG.
  • 4. Question: Does Campbell Hausfeld have a good warranty?
  • Answer:  Most parts are warrantied for 3 years or less due to Its five-years more limited warranty.
  • 5. Question: Why does this welder suddenly shut down?
  • Answer: It has a thermal switch that cuts power with excessive internal heat. Generally, the higher the power setting the shorter the welding time that it can handle. It will resume power when the internal temperature cools to safe levels.
  • 6. Question: Can I use any welding wire with the WF2150?
  • Answer: Solid wire is for MIG welders that use shielding gas. Make sure it is labeled as flux core wire, when you purchasing a new spool, .
campbell hausfeld welder

Final Thought for campbell hausfeld mig welder

The Campbell Hausfeld Welder WF2150 DC wire feed welder is a good welder for a home shop. With its amazing low price tag, it is a good purchase for those new to welding. It is easy to use, just point and pull the trigger. Maintaining consistency and forming good, strong welds does take practice on this or any welder. This is a good welder for the price. It may fall short of being the best MIG welder in this list.

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