Black Commercial MIG 130 110V Mig Welder Reviews

Special Features of Black Commercial 110v Mig Welder

Power Requirements: An essential 110v Mig Welder with 60Hz Single Phase power supply with a max open voltage of 37V and a welding current of 50-120Amps. Provides you with an energy requirement that's easy to meet, use it anywhere since it doesn't require special sockets and only needs a 20A-30A Breaker to operate. While the welding current allows for a decent mid to moderate electrical current flow that allows the MIG Welder to handle some pretty hefty material.

Black Commercial MIG 130 110V Mig Welder
    • Portability: At only 36.8 lbs and 18.6 x 16 x 9.6-inch dimensions, this unit is highly portable and lite, incredibly easy to transport anywhere. Making it especially useful for small jobs around the house or shop!
    • Price: At an price, a 62% discount on its retail price, this buy isn't something you can pass up! Add on the free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime, and you have a seriously awesome deal!

    Additional Features:

    • Welding Wires: This unit comes with a spool of Welding Wire and tips designed to accommodate Welding Wire sizes from 0.023" to 0.035" for Steel and Stainless Steel, along with 0.035" for Flux-Cored Wire.The inclusion of Welding Wires with the purchase means that you can fire the Welder up and use it right out of the box for small jobs around the house, garage or farm. Pay attention to what you're using it on, using the wrong filler metal will cause your welds to become brittle and crack.
    • Duty-Cycle: With a Duty-Cycle of 10% at 105AMPS, you're able to run almost at max capacity for a full minute run before having to cool off. Or at 35% at 60 AMPS for over three minutes. Your small jobs won't take any time at all using this quality machine. I think you're more likely to catch on faster as a beginning welder since the welding unit is so efficient!
    • Variable Feed Speed Controls: These controls allow you to control the amount of filler wire that is fed into the torch flame as you're running your bead.A quality feed control system gives you control over accuracy and smooths your beads while assisting you with creating stronger welds. It also gives you the ability to take your time and learn what you're doing.
    • Full On/Off and Automatic Thermal Safety Control: Possibly its best feature, which I feel every Best MIG Welder should have as standard. Not only can you immediately shut your Welder down if you get distracted, but the Welder will also shut itself off if you aren't paying attention. A remarkable torch safety feature!

    Special Package:

    This purchase is pretty much a full-service inclusion for anyone new to welding. You get the MIG Welder, Grounding Cord, Welding Wire, 2.5M Torch and two new tip replacements. Already giving you fantastic value for the price, but it doesn't stop there. The package also includes your first face mask, or a spare if you already have one, a chipping hammer and a wire brush. A perfect all-round solution to starting welding!


    Has everything you need for a beginner MIG Welder.- Efficient enough to be used on both small and medium jobs.- Lite Weight, easily portable.- Easy Automatic Wire Feed- Full Automatic Safety Control


    Standard Feed Wire of poor quality - Solution: Purchase a quality feed wire from your local welding shop.- Poor quality FREE Welding Mask - Solution: Purchase a better higher quality mask. You can find a lots of high quality Accessories from Amazon. I didn't see any other complaints about this MIG Welder. There are lots of 5-Star reviews for this package by customers on Amazon; that makes it even more attractive. If you have any Con's you would like to share, please leave a comment below!


    • Question: 1) Can I Weld Aluminum Tube with this Welder?
    • Answer:) No, You need to use an AC Welder for Welding Aluminum, this is a DC Welder.
    • Question: 2) Is it normal for the wire to start feeding without pulling the trigger?
    • Answer:) No, The Wire should only begin to feed once you pull the trigger.
    • Question: 3) How is the quality of this Welder?
    • Answer:) It's Awesome! Quite a few 5-Star reviews, with only a few complaints about weird wire feed issues and poor quality "Free" Feed Wire.
    • Question: 4) How do you open the top hatch of the Welder?
    • Answer:) At the top left of the back of the welder box are two latches. Pull up, then forward following the grooves, and it will open.
    • Question: 5) Does this unit come with Feed Wire?
    • Answer:) Yes, it comes with 2lbs of a Standard Welding Wire that will keep you going for quite a while.
    • Question: 6) Can you Weld truck body parts with this welder?
    • Answer:) Yes, this unit is fully equipped to handle automobile body parts!


    The power of this 110v MIG Welder isn't extremely high, but it isn't a slouch either. It has a ton of specialty features that make it easy and convenient to use, including standard power requirements, free welding filler wire, decent duty cycle and incredible variable feed speed & safety controls. The package itself is an impressive deal and well worth the amazing price tag. Give it a shot; it has more power and penetration than you'd think for a Welder its size.

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