ARKSEN MIG 100 Gas Less Flux Core Welder Reviews

Features of ARKSEN MIG 100 Gas less Flux Core Welder

Take a look at my next Best MIG Welder option, perfectly packaged for you to get started Welding right out of the box. Which is ARKSEN MIG 100 Gas less Flux Core Welder. It uses Flux-cored Welding Wire, is also Gas Less, and has feed speed wire control with thermal overload protection.I recommend this MIG Welder package to anyone just starting their welding career. It has everything you need to start welding, is easy to use and doesn't require any gas, unlike most other MIG Welders.

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ARKSEN MIG 100 Gas Less Flux Core Welder

Power Requirements:

Input Voltage of 115V/60Hz Single Phase means that it can plug in anywhere you can find a 20A Breaker, but you would be better off running it on a 30A Breaker if you decide to run it on max amperage. It has an awesome 60-68A minimum, 79- 90A maximum Welding Current and a Duty-Cycle that performs exceptionally well, 15% at 90A and 35% at 60A, with a Max Open Voltage of 33V!


An incredible Price and FREE Shipping from Amazon Prime makes this a very affordable option. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this price! Easily affordable option for anyone trying to learn how to Weld and incredibly easy to use!


This thing is amazingly portable, weighing only 34 pounds it practically lifts itself! It's also only 19" x 12" x 17" making it small enough to fit on the floor in your back seat, or in a toolbox on your truck, you can store it anywhere!

Built-In Cooling Fan:

The unit has built-in cooling fans to keep you, Welding, as long as possible, this is a feature I haven't seen very often on such an affordable item.

Variable Wire Feed Speed Control:

The automatic variable wire feed control lets you keep your eye on your project by feeding you the correct amount of filler you need for the job at hand. It can accommodate both 0.030" and 0.035" wire capacity.

Thermal Overload Protection:

If the unit is getting too hot and you're not paying attention, the Thermal Overload protection feature kicks in to shut everything down to prevent costly hazards from every occurring!

Torch Features Built-In On / Off Safety Control:

This Welder comes with a few security features, including a built-in on/off safety control for your Torch! This feature can be used to shut down your Torch instantly, to avoid any accidents!

Package Details:

This fantastic package includes the MIG 100 Welder, Grounding Cord, and a FREE spool of primary Welding Wire. While also including a Welding Mask, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush and a Torch with an Extra Tip.


Great price & Quality.- Free 2-Day Shipping (For Amazon Prime Members).- Lite and Portable, lite enough to carry anywhere.- Safety Features designed with you in mind.- Massive Package Deal with everything a beginner MIG Welder needs.


Primarily for home use, not commercial work: Solution - Use it at home!- FREE Feed Wire Quality complaints: Solution - Easily replaced by purchasing some feed wire at your local Welding shop!- Poor quality instruction booklet: Solution - Located better instructions online.


  • Question: 1) Will this work for 20 gauge body panels on my 1966 VW Bus?
  • Answer)  Yes, It should work well on your vehicle's body panels.
  • Question: 2) Will this Welder work on a Galvanized Pipe fence?
  • Answer) Yes, But you should avoid breathing in the fumes!
  • Question: 3) Will this weld some 1 3/4 wide pipe 1/4 thick? I want to build a stronger motor bicycle frame, for a 90cc two stroke engine. My life will be at hand.
  • Answer) Yes, the Welder is capable of doing the job.
  • Question: 4) Will this unit work well for rebar? I'm trying to make fishing rod holders.
  • Answer) Yes, It welds 1/8" steel no problem.
  • Question: 5) Can you Weld a Tow Hitch with this Welder?
  • Answer) No, Your Bumper and Hitch frame are too thick for this Welder to handle.
  • Question: 6) Can it be used for Welding a new car muffler to a pipe?
  • Answer) Yes, Just make sure that it's set correctly and use a 45mm Flux-core.


Take a minute to consider what you get with this package. Not only will you receive the ARKSEN MIG 100 Gas Less Flux Core Welder, with a ground wire, you'll also get a ton of other stuff like FREE Welding Wire, a Welding Mask, a Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush and a new Torch Tip - All for an amazing Price! It may your best choice for Best Mig Welder for the money.

I suggest you grab one while you have the chance. Someone's going to wise up soon and raise the price on this package!

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