2017 Everlast MIG Welder PowerMIG 200 dual voltage Review

Introduction of Everlast MIG Welder PowerMIG 200:

This Everlast MIG Welder PowerMIG 200 an interesting take on the MIG welder as the fact is that the environment can be doing something hinky. Where MIG is not a viable option. Now, you can switch quickly and easily to stick welding and get the job done anyway. Another nice feature of this unit is that it switches from 110 to 220 V depending on the environment you're working in.

This gives you the options of working virtually anywhere from a home construction project to a high-rise going up in downtown Chicago. Powered by a digital inverter this Best MIG welder loses the weight and has a much smaller footprint than some of the other portables on the market today. Another interesting feature is the fact that it is adjustable to control burn back. This will saves you time and effort trimming after the work is done. It also means the wire is always at the perfect length and you could almost weld with your eyes closed knowing that everything is lined up perfectly. Another of its features that make things exciting about this MIG welder is the fact that it only weighs 35 pounds.

2017 Everlast MIG Welder

Features Everlast Power i Mig 200 :

1. Spool gun ready:

Basically, you just open the box will everything up hook it up find yourself a convenient outlet for power and you're ready to start welding. With the optional spool gun, you can handle aluminum with ease. This makes it the perfect portable unit for DIY welders that don't have a lot of money to spread about for their welding needs.

2. Digital IGBT Inverter:

Now you have a reliable transistorized power supply that converts the 110 or 220 into a steady stream of energy for either Stick or MIG welding. This means you don't have to have the unit rewired every time you want to switch between the different voltages that might be available where you are working.

In addition, solid-state technology is now so reliable it is almost unheard of to have a failure in the field. So, you have reliable power, steady stable current, and automatic controls make this MIG welder simple to operate, in one that will be with you for many years to come.

3. Eurostyle Quick Coupler:

Taking a leaf out of our brother welders in the European Union, this unit sports the Eurostyle coupling which allows you to use aftermarket guns to help save on costs rather than buying those expensive brand-name ones that will cost you an arm and a leg.

This also means you'll be able to switch from your spool gun to a stick welding set up quicker when the environment is no longer suitable to support MIG welding.Therefore, this makes it twofer for being able to switch between MIG and stick into a three-fer as you now can do it quickly and easily than ever before.

Everlast MIG Welder

4. Arc Force Control:

Another great feature is that the induction control works equally well in MIG welding for Stick welding. This means one control system can handle both modalities of welding and you don't have to worry about switching controls making adjustments as everything is automatically controlled from the unit itself.

This means you have exactly the right amount of energy to get that weld that is picture-perfect and looks like it was done by a Pro even though you are just beginning to learn to weld.


  • Simple and easy-to-use.
  • One of the lightest welding rigs I've ever used.
  • Makes it a cinch to be able to switch between MIT and Stick whenever the situation warrants it.
  • I'm just beginning to learn to well in my welds are getting complemented by my instructor.
  • Makes the work go quicker and you don't have to worry about burn back as everything is controlled automatically for you.
  • This is one of the best lightweight portable welding machines I've ever seen and at a very economical price as well.


  • Wish it would come with a Spool Gun and both in MIG and Stick together. I'd paid the extra bucks.
  • The spool was a little sloppy but I was able to fix it by using a washer to shim it up now everything feeds fine.


  • 1. Question: Which Spool Gun should I use?
  • Answer: With the Eurostyle connector, you have an option of choosing virtually any spool gun you care to name and you can save yourself a bunch of money by going with an aftermarket one as well.
  • 2. Question: Do I need to make any wiring changes to switch between 110 and 220?
  • Answer: No, the unit is all transistorized and can tell the difference and adjusts accordingly.
  • 3. Question: Do I have to buy anything else for the welder in order to support a Spool Gun?
  • Answer: No, the unit comes Spool Gun ready and all you have to do is purchase the one that suits you and your budget the best.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts for Everlast 200:

Getting the most bang for your buck is hard these days especially with an economy in flux. Luckily, some things go the right way and this is one of them. You have a welder that switches modes almost like you changing your socks.

This reviewer prefers Everlast MIG Welder for MIG welding but is not averse to switching to Stick if the situation requires it. In addition, in work environments where it is not as clean as you would prefer being able to get the job done in spite of it is a big plus.

That's why this reviewer heartily endorses this combo welder for its versatility, portability, and economic value.

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